Survey shows 85% Korean university students have sex before graduation

Korea university sex
Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

The latest sex survey of Korean university students reveals that only 15 percent of students graduate without losing virginity.

According to a poll of 562 students published Thursday by the Korean Public Health Research, 84.7 percent of the respondents in their final year had sex, compared to 56.4 percent with freshmen.

The survey was carried out by two nursing professors on students of six universities in Seoul, Chungcheong Province and Gangwon Province.

Of the respondents, 368 students, or 65.5 percent, had sex –  71.5 percent of the male students and 60.2 percent of the female students.

The figures suggest that Korean college students are more likely to have had sexual experience than Harvard students.

The Harvard Crimson’s poll of the class of 2013 found that 72 percent of Havard students enrolled as virgins and 27 percent of students left without having sex.

The Korean survey found that those with a deeper pocket have a better chance of getting laid. Of those who claimed to belong to the upper class, 81.8 percent had sex.

Of those who receive a monthly allowance of more than 150,000 won ($135), 77.5 percent had sexual experience, whereas only 52.9 percent of those with an allowance of less than 50,000 won had sex.

Smokers were also much more likely to have had sex than others in Korea. About 80.6 percent of smokers answered that they had had sex, compared to 54.6 percent with non-smokers.

Sex education was relatively irreverent to the sexual experiences of the respondents. About 62 percent of those who received sex education answered that they had had sex, compared to 66.2 percent with those who had never received such education.

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Lee Tae-hoon

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    Korean girls have sex like rabbits…

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    The Korean girls at my university are sexually active and not shy about it.

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