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Lee Tae-hoon
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The organizers of Miss Asia Pacific World were too busy to respond to this reporter’s call Tuesday over their alleged attempt to force May Myat Noe, a 15-year-old beauty queen, to escort business tycoons and have “head to toe” plastic surgery.

So instead of endlessly waiting, I decided to pay a surprise visit to their office, and was shocked to find out that there is no trace of Miss Asia Pacific World in the address.

No one, including police officers and restaurant owners, seemed to be aware that such an “international” organization exists in the neighborhood.


The only address displayed on the Korean-language website of Miss Asia Pacific World 2014.


The address on the Korean-language website was changed from Seoul to Busan on Sept. 3, a day after the surprise visit.

Nevertheless, I managed to find the Jungho (정호) Building which the website of Miss Asia Pacific World claims to be its office.

I assumed that the organization uses the whole floor as there was no mention of an office suite number in the address.

But that wasn’t the case. It turned out that the 2nd floor of the Jungho Building is occupied by a private math academy and a dozen of mini-rooms.

Y.C. Choi, the president and president of Miss Asia Pacific World, claimed that his organization is renting a mini room on the second floor. He added that though it is not stated in the Korean website, his organization has bigger offices, including the one in Busan.


Office addresses displayed on the English-language website

Meanwhile, Miss Asia Pacific World disclosed photos of Noe on an operating table in Songdo, Busan.

“I have sent photos of her at the clinic to Myanmar,” Choi said.

10632798_700531720040699_4631933175234419636_nHe said his organization may also disclose the CCTV footage of the clinic to prove that May underwent breast augmentation surgery.

He maintained that May is a liar who denies the fact that she had a breast enlargement operation and that no one forced her to do so.

Choi also flatly denied Noe’s claim that his organization asked “her to escort some business tycoons whenever they require her company.”

He underlined that his organization is considering filing a lawsuit against The Korea Observer for “unfavorable” articles.

“Our lawyer told me that we will file a lawsuit against the Korea Observer,” he said.

He argued that other media outlets, including KBS, had agreed not to report certain negative issues, such as a 2011 scandal, in return for interviews.

Amy Willerton fled the Miss Asia Pacific World competition in 2011 with representatives from Guyana and Costa Rica, for allegedly being offered votes in exchange for sex.


The following is a press statement from Miss Asia Pacific World regarding its organization.

(1)Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent
The contest of Miss Asia Pacific World (“Contest”) is an international Supertalent search contest. Since the first broadcasting in October of 2011, the Contest has been able to hold the prominent position as the biggest platform of finding super talents in the world and it is based in Asia and currently have offices, advertisers, managements and training centers in about 80 countries around world.

(2) Star Management
The Contest is the biggest super talent TV program based in Asia in the world. The winner will work as an actor, actress or singer in East Asia. The winner of the first contest was Diana Starkova and, after winning, she has been invited to the Cannes Film Festival each year and, at present, she actively work as a model  of L’Oreal Paris. Srishti Rana, the winner of the last year contest, is staring debut into the Bollywood under management of Times Group India, which host Times’s India Bollywood Film Festival each year.


(3) The biggest media network in AsiaThe Contest has the biggest TV network in Asia-Pacific region by having media partners and affiliate companies of : the Times Group in India, which published the largest volume of English newspaper all over the world; the MediaCorp, which was established in 1938 as the first broadcasting company in Asia; the Fashion One, a fashion beauty channel led by Michael Gleissner who is the founder of ‘Big Foot Group’ and has consecutively filled the vice president of; the Zoom TV, No.1 channel of India Bollywood and etc.


(4) New Voyage
The Contest, whose head offices are located in Singapore and the Republic of Korea, is a kind of joint venture for which capital strength and the Hanryu Wave of Korea and, through the Contest, next generation of Super talent search, a digital e-commerce beauty platform and entertainment contents where Asia region is the center, global leaders residing in Asia make a new voyage.


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