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Afghan earthquake claims over 200 lives

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Afghan earthquake claims over 200 lives

The US Geological Survey pinpointed a powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake near Jurm in northeast Afghanistan, 250 km from the capital Kabul and at a depth over 200 km.

Thus far, at least 215 people have been confirmed dead, more than 1,000 injured, and well over a thousand displaced as reports are coming in that some 1,500 homes have been reduced to rubble. However, perhaps the most disturbing tale has been that of twelve girls who were crushed to death in a stampede as they attempted to flee their school.

Officials say that at least 63 are dead in Afghanistan and 152 in Pakistan, but “… Exact numbers are not known because phone lines are down and communication has been cut off in many areas.”

The quake was said to last one minute and shook buildings in Kabul, Islamabad and New Delhi. Traffic came to a stand-still in downtown Kabul, with frightened people getting out of their vehicles and waited for the earthquake to stop.

During a live news broadcast in Afghanistan, the anchor abandoned his desk while the quake violently shook the studio cameras.

Rescue efforts are underway, but due to the communication breakdown, are hampered.

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