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American rejected for job in Korea because of being black

Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

Sean Jones was on his way for a job interview last week in Seoul and received a disturbing text message that reads “Hey Sean. Sorry they just told me they actually want a white teacher.”


Text message that Sean Jones received on Nov. 10 from a recruiter in Korea

“I was on my way to the interview when I received a text message from my recruiter stating that they only want a white teacher,” Sean told The Korea Observer.

“Regardless of my two plus years of experience, TEFL certification, great references and the ability to speak intermediate Korean, I was turned down before even given an opportunity to speak with them.”

To add insult to injury, the 30-year-old American from Oklahoma experienced racial discrimination again two days after the incident.

This time he received a facebook message that reads, “I am sorry. I just found out today that my school is one of ones that won’t hire black people.”


Facebook message that Sean Jones received on Nov. 12

Sean claims that if Korean schools want to teach their students about western culture then they need to be exposed to all people of western culture.

“This is telling students that black people are bad and white people are good. Why should white people get all the privileges?” he asked. “White privilege is not right. We all deserve an equal chance.”

Sean, who has traveled to a dozen countries, finds that Korea is the most direct about their racism.

It is no wonder Katie Mulrennan, an Irish teacher, was also recently refused a job because of the perceived heavy drinking habits of her countrymen. She received a message that claims she would not be hired due to “the alcoholism nature of your kind.”

“The problem is that there is no law to protect people against discrimination. Not just racism but sexist and discrimination against older people,” Sean argued.

“In Korea, a club can publicly say, ‘no foreigners’ and it is socially accepted. Like I said, there has to be help from native Koreans to change this practice.”

An official at the National Human Rights Commission of Korea acknowledged that there is no anti-discrimination law in Korea and it would be difficult to take any punitive action in most of the cases.

She, however, hinted that Sean has a good chance to shut down the hakwons, or private academies that practiced racial discrimination against him.

“This was a clear violation of the National Human Rights Commission Act which stipulates that people should not be discriminated based on their race or gender,” an official said.

“We cannot directly punish those hakwons but we can make recommendations to government authorities, in this case, the Office of Education, so that they can urge problematic hakwons to stop their discriminatory practices or even consider revoking their license.”

An official of the an English language academy in Seoul, who was chiefly responsible for the discriminatory text message that Sean received on Nov. 10, claimed that her academy often has to eliminate certain candidates because their students are too young and scared of strange foreigners.

“Our students are as young as 4 years old and they even find it difficult to interact with Korean adults,” she said.

She, however, offered an apology to Sean, saying she should have given a chance to meet him for the interview and make a decision based on job applicants’ characters and qualifications, rather than based on their skin colors.

“We were desperate to fill a position and had already found someone by the time when Sean was asked for an interview by a recruiter,” she said.

“I suspect that there was some miscommunication between him and the recruiter.”

Sean Jones with friends

Sean Jones poses for a picture with friends

Nevertheless, Sean pointed out the academy should be held responsible for racism.

“Even though they are adjusting to what parents want, they are responsible for giving the students a true view of what western culture is truly like,” he said.

“Also though it’s not the recruiter’s fault directly but they assist in the racism when they help the schools to only find white/females. If I were a recruiter I would refuse to work/help any school that practice discrimination.”

Some suspect that Seon was rejected because of his medical history of encephalitis, but the recruiter claims that this wasn’t the case since the academy was not aware of his past illness.

Encephalitis is not a contagious disease and Sean has fully recovered from it.

If you have an English teaching job to offer Sean, you can contact him at strictlyjesus20@yahoo.com. Sean majored in Spanish and has taught English in Korea for over 2 years. He has a TEFL certification of 120 hours.

If you are a recruiter and want to advertise new job openings from open-minded hakwons or schools, you may post your ads on koreaobserver.com/jobs.

Please give me some encouraging words to Sean Jones or share your thoughts. 

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Lee Tae-hoon

Lee Tae-hoon

Lee Tae-hoon is publisher at The Korea Observer. He previously worked for the Korea Times and Arirang TV. You can reach him at lee@koreaobserver.com.


    • That’s so messed up. Shouldn’t you have an advantage being a native English speaker AND ethnically Korean? You are a native English speaker, but being Korean (and depending on how much of the culture you’ve been exposed to), you may understand little cultural things that I wouldn’t understand as a non-Korean native English speaker.

      Sorry for my ignorance, I didn’t even realise this was a thing, have you personally been rejected or just throwing up a scenario based on what you’ve seen happen to others. I’m quite curious about how this is allowed to continue. Curious, and sad for others who may have a similar background as you, and want to teach in S. Korea.

      • It has actually happened to quite a few people I know. The librarian at my school (Korean American) was even rejected from a job in Korea because she was ‘too dark’ for them to hire (it was house keeping, too).
        It can happen because Korea is terrible for workers rights in general, and there are no anti-discrimination laws in place.

      • “Native English teacher” is a marketable tag for hagwons – and the ones who are most touted as proof of the “authentic language experience” which can be provided are the ones who are white and look good in business attire, period.
        It’s much easier to get a job as an English teacher if you have that look and the passport to go with it. Other qualifications help, sure, but there are also plenty of positions where they’re really looking for the look more than anything else (usually the worst jobs to work if you happen to need meaningful work to feel fulfilled 😛 )

        • I don’t know about “look good”. But yes, being white is the most important trait in getting an ESL teaching job in Korea.

          • Being white is the most important trait in getting a teaching job in ANY field, ESL but also Math or the physical sciences, anywhere in the world it seems but especially East Asia and America…probably Europe and Latin America, as well.

      • I know some kyopos who cannot speak Korean but have been fired because some parents thought they spoke with a Korean accent. The hagwons just care about how many students they can collect, not education. I work at a public school in the after school program and it is the same.

      • Its allowed to continue because its an overwhelmingly dysfunctional society, and because it’s run not so much as a country but as one enormous business.

    • Same here. I live in America for 19 years, but because I’m “Korean,” they don’t want to hire me. Oh.. did I mention the part that my major is English Linguistics?

        • Pedant. What Angry Kyopo wrote is a common grammatical construction used by English native speakers when ranting. “I try so hard, but look what happens.”

        • You beat me to the punch. No wonder Koreans have reservations about hiring Gyopos. The “Korean” in them slips up and surfaces once in a while.

        • Wrong! When retelling a story, we often use the present simple to highlight the dramatic nature of the story. This is a common practice. Furthermore, the genre of writing in the comments section of an online newspaper can hardly be equated with strict grammar rules. Beyond that, please realize that English is not a rule bound language and the lack of the present perfect here can hardly be seen as wrong.

    • Me three. Ethnically Korean but I was born in Australia and have lived in NZ my entire life. I applied to teach in Korea and got rejected cause I was Korean. Or more specifically, I looked too Korean and the kids would speak Korean to me. Korea is racist to Koreans as well. sigh…

      • That’s not racism, that’s just ignorance and stupidity. Koreans have this stereotype that only white people can speak proper English due some inherent genetic trait. For a group of people who claim to be so educated, they’re real dumb in a lot of ways.

    • Wait, you’re Australian-Korean – so you’re of Korean ancestry but born in Australia? And you’re saying you can’t get a job in Australia because you’re Korean? Even though you’re a native English speaker? I would hazard that you’re failing employment due to an inability to effectively communicate, what you’ve just said makes little to no sense.

      You may be mistaking it due to you being Korean, but the law is black and white in Australia that racial discrimination is a criminal offence. But if your comment is anything to go by I can honestly suggest to you that it is probably your communication skills that are letting you down.

      I’m not saying that people don’t break the law; but it’s uncommon and reasonably unheard of in AU. It would make the nightly news, to say the least. If it IS the case however, and you can prove it, I suggest you look at having the people charged.

      • I think the person having problems with communication here is you. As everyone else in this tread has clearly understood, they’re saying they can’t get a job in Korea because they look Korean, even though they’re a native English speaker because they’re actually Australian. I can’t believe you’ve just had a go at a native English speaker for not being clear and suggested their “communication skills” are letting them down.

        • Technically Bash Prompt is somewhat right.

          An Australian Korean would mean you are of Australian descent/ancestry living in Korea.

          The speaker clearly means they are of Korean descent but have Australian ties but has moved back to Korea for work. So you are right in a sense too. However the speaker should have said they were a Korean Australian.

          For instance, an Irish-American is an American person of Irish descent. So an Australian-Korean would be a Korean person of Australian descent. So I see where Bash was going with his comment.

      • You’re an idiot. The context is about teaching in Korea. Ergo, YOU should understand the implied meaning and reference to seeking employment in Korea. No one else missed it.

    • Well if you are from the North Shore (Manly) you might be hired but if you are from the Gong I would definitely not hire you:) But in all seriousness, Yes it sucks. Korean mom’s *(mum’s[Australian spelling]) don’t comprehend what it means to be a teacher, guider, instructor to their child. And that is Korean culture across the board. It’s all about appearance and not about what you actually do. The little girls who dance on stage in 서울 and on TV (G. G.) have a very short life span. And that is why Korea will have some major problems in the next 20 or 30 years.

      BTW, I like that you (Korean Panda) described yourself as “Australian Korean”!! and not Korean Australian. I try to explain that to so many Koreans that I’ve met who were born and grew up in another country … so good for you

    • Bullshit. I’m Australian Chinese and I have never experienced racism here; let alone being refused work based on my race. The same goes for any number of my Chinese Australian family and friends.

    • This is a great article. And you make a good point, Korean Panda, that even Koreans are rejected based on race, here in Korea when applying to teach English at the schools! And so, it’s not so much about racism as it is a matter of these schools selecting candidates based on their perception of what the end result for the students will be from choosing that candidate. The bottom line is they want their students to speak American or British English. Even the accent plays a huge role in which candidate gets chosen. It’s not just about race. It’s also about nationality, some schools will hire Filipinos but not Chinese or Russian, etc. Or vice versa. Some schools do want a Korean teacher instead of a native English speaker. Ultimately those persons discriminated against shouldn’t take it too personally, times are changing and getting better… and they can hopefully find comfort in knowing that it’s not an entirely race issue but involves a plethora of factors for example bribing still exists in Korea as well, perhaps somebody’s cousin got the job because of nepotism. It will always be not what you know but who you know. Status in society. And so on. Even ugly verse beauty is a factory unfortunately. Obesity verse skinny (yes that’s a major factor in South Korea although thankfully there are many fat teachers now and so that discrimination factor is decreasing also thank God). One thing I am happy about is that South Korea is so blatantly racist in some areas, and openly acknowledges it, so that it is being dealt with and remedied that much faster than if it was kept a secret (wait until gays come out of the close, whoa, that’ll be an interesting day to witness because they’re very anti-gay in South Korea and assume that less than 1% of their brothers and sisters are secretly harboring gay leanings when actually it’s 5% and higher, always has been, plus they’re being inundated by so many gay Filipinos and that’s the #1 destination of many South Korean tourists which happens to be almost as flamboyant a hot spot as Bangkok, Thailand). When something is confessed, out in the open, and everyone can see it, then the problems associated with it, if any, can be fixed that much sooner. South Korea is already on its way to becoming a much more open society than even most of the so-called free world and western society (it’ll probably happen overnight; suddenly South Korea will be the most open country in the world, could happen). One thing however that I do applaud is that it’s almost impossible for terrorism in Japan where they don’t allow Middle Eastern persons to live or obtain even a long term visa (shout out to Trump). Some things are just a matter of common sense. Also, regardless race, if a person comes to South Korea who has a tendency to want drugs such as marijuana which normally isn’t punished in the U.S., they’re in for a rude awakening when they’re sentenced to 10 or more years in a South Korean prison. And so, think of that before you cry about not getting a job in South Korea. Some people curse the day they ever got a job here! And there are white people getting beheaded and shot in Southeast Asia for selling drugs. So far there have not been any black Americans or westerners who I’m aware of having their heads chopped off or shot in prison for drug related offenses in Southeast Asia. However, nobody is naive enough to think that Asians won’t automatically suspect a black person over a white person. Just like American authorities do! It’s a shame. I do know one American, a friend of mine, yes he’s black, was sent to prison for a few years, for being in the area where a drug bust went down. There was zero evidence that he had anything to do with the drug activity going on there, or any crime, yet because he was in the area it was assumed and he was sent to prison for a little under 2 years. Would they have sent him to prison for 2 years if he’d been white? Maybe not! And truly Asia is a glorious place, and I want all people regardless their differences to be able to come and enjoy all the fruits of Asia. But be grateful even if you can’t, sometimes even paradise can turn into hell really fast. And there are plenty of other great parts of the world, no need to sweat the small stuff, there are dozens of nations in Asia to choose from, it doesn’t just have to be South Korea or Southeast Asia, there’s China, Japan, Russia, Indian, and so on. Each nation has their good points! I know people in America who have been denied jobs because of their race. It’s not just a South Korea problem. All nations are changing thank God and will continue to get better and better thank God. Especially when people have the will to write articles about their experiences and let the truths and realities of our world be known and see the light of day so that corrections, changes, and advances can be made. Thank you for sharing your experience and publishing articles about it. And my prayers are with everyone who suffers hardships in life, heaven forbid they suffer discrimination, God help us all!

  • Koreans DO discriminate. I’ve felt it myself when I taught in Korea. If you are thinking about teaching in Korea, don’t. They are racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobes. Stay away. I’m in Taiwan now. Night and day!

    • You left out the age discrimination! The very first question recruiters ask is date of birth. It’s a huge problem for Koreans as well and there is supposed to be a law against it.
      The sexism too is just rampant. The racism though really tops both though.
      By the way I blame most of the perception of bad English teachers here on the fact that the recruiters simply won’t even respond to anyone with any experience at all.

    • Yup. They hire white foreigners… even if they can’t even speak English fluently…
      I’m Korean… but I lived in America for 19 years and my major is English Linguistics. I applied for a job at a Hakwon. I even said I’ll start as a part-timer. At the same time, some Russian woman stepped in. She couldn’t even speak English all that well. She had just gotten out of college… an art college. She was hired on the spot.

      Yup. True story.

      • which is why I get “corrected” online by Engrish-speaking expensively-edikated Koreans who were “taught” by white-foreigners who cannot even punctuate nor spell (just look up the preponderance of evidence online, as they bitch and bitch about Korea and Koreans and basic standards … in very bad English) and would not qualify for anything above Remedial English 001.

        Koreans today use “oba-eatu” (overeat) in place of puke/vomit/retch/ralph/hurl. I wonder who is responsible for that? Koreans who get good grades in their English class walk around with an unwarranted sense of confidence, enough to CORRECT MY ENGLISH online … in embarrassingly crude, childish writings not above regular track (as opposed to accelerated) 7th grade, if that.

        Oh, and by the way, I was teaching College English less than 13 years after my arrival in USA, and I do not mean ESL. I mean Reading Comprehension, English Composition, Writing Lab, English Literature. Once when I was trying to pick up a colleague’s syllabus, covering for his English Composition 101, the lady at the office kept yelling at me to get into the ESL line. I told her OVER AND OVER that I was a TEACHER covering for a colleague at his request and that I had to access the faculty area to get at his syllabus that I needed for that day. I kept trying to get through to her that I was not signing up for ESL, but she just would not have that and kept SCREAMING AT ME most viciously to get in line, that she could not understand me BECAUSE OF OUR LANGUAGE BARRIER.

        Oh, and I never did have an accent, Korean or otherwise. I also got the best grade in my REGULAR English class in my 2nd year. I got a perfect grade in the year end comprehensive exam, in a very competitive Junior High School. But you would not believe just how many times I am waved off with claims of LANGUAGE BARRIER making it impossible for a white person (and it is ALWAYS 100% a white person each and every time) to communicate with me.

        Crazy shiitte, this world. There should be a rigorously imposed academic STANDARD, period. Really tired of reading over-paid, over-indulged, over-entitled, under-qualified “foreign” English teachers online, whatever they happen to be moaning about, because of their atrocious command of English and shockingly low reasoning capacity and horrific lack of respect/understanding of their employer’s land. These are the #1 Korea bashers online, these know-it-all brainiac loafers who are so cultured and urbane because they have travelled the world soused out of their little gourds. I am oba-eatu-ing.

        Oh, and I got pushed out of the academia by an all male group who called themselves THE ITALIAN MAFIA and wanted to have sex with me. At the head of this mob was the English Department Head who curiously did not even have an MA, and several of his paisans who were THE least academically gifted among all the staff in that department. It’s a New Jersey thing, I suppose.

        And I am certain that I would not be wanted by South Korea for my English skills in any capacity. I simply do not talk or write the way they encourage people to do, whether in the “Engrish” teaching profession or online. I am often reminded of the movie “IDIOCRACY” in which the natives keep accusing the slightly less idiotic Luke Wilson of talking “like a faggot” because his English is a smidgen more standard. I imagine South Korea is becoming more ZOOLANDER in its Engrish, where people learn to speak, read, and write it “good” and even “real good”. I even get accused of being BAD at International English by various nationalities, actually.

        There is correct English and there are clear rules for it. There is good style and it is teachable. There is also RACISM in the academia, both in the English speaking world and in the bs-Engrish nations (I am reminded of Tolstoy’s Russia in which the elites spoke French very badly, by which they spoke the CORRECT Russian-French. Ostentatious, pretentious, precious, and ultimately hilarious. Or agony inducing, if you were a more persnickety sort.) which do not really care ot have its citizens learn to speak up for themselves properly or reason on their own. It’s all some sort of an elaborate game, and they seem to make the rules up as they go.

        My prescription for a start:

        #1 Institute a basic uniform standard for your language instructors, and I do not mean their skin color or eye color or the correct degree of waist benging. I mean ACADEMIC standard.

        #2 Please ditch FFS the Japglish. It does not make you seem affluent or sophisticated or cutting-edge contemporary. It is beyond ridiculous on so many levels.

        #3 Work on the first two to start, pretty please. And kick out the sex-crazed, alcoholic, academically unsound loafers that you call Teachers. Whom I call BOTTOMFEEDERS rejected out of their own systems for their lack of credentials and ability. I also call them k-Trolls. I do this because they litter all Korea-related forums and articles with their UNIQUELY moronic insights, full of spite. Why would South Korea choose to inject such elements into its society PAYING THEM QUITE WELL FOR IT WHILE AT IT when all they will inject into it are their sub-standard semen and childishly bitter view on world and life at large, being not too bright? To feel better against them and to inject CONFIDENCE in its young? That is artificial and would not help them an iota once they ARE abroad and in need of many other useful knowledge and information.


      • Well, it is ASIA, after all. When people looking right AT me suggest I try Japan, sometimes I wonder if they need their glasses prescription re-done or what.

    • This has happened to me twice in Tainan city since I moved here in 1999. I know many people, including Americans of Chinese descent who have been explicitly denied work based on their race. Earlier this year, a neighborhood in Taipei protested against Filipinos living in their neighborhood. I now own a bushiban and am sometimes asked by parents to keep their kids out of the “Korean” teacher’s class. She’s from San Diego. I wouldn’t jump over them all and say they are racist, sexist, xenophobic etc etc, but to say its night and day compared to Korea is the statement of an obviously white waiguoren

        • I don’t think kenting is hating.
          And what the FAKK is there to celebrate in this?

          I suppose you would, it you were paid a lot for crap work that you had no right in hell to land in the first place, huh? But why should THE REST OF US celebrate with you, thou dick-tatorial one?

      • So does discrimination in the US justify discrimination here in Korea, even if those being discriminated against are not Americans, or they are Americans who face the same discrimination even in the US. Does that mean we should all start counter discrimination all over the place? Is that your argument? Yours is the most uninformed, uneducated and the most immature way of solving the issue at hand here. Sorry but grow some beard!

        • David, tb did not say anything of the sort you have gleaned from what he had written. You are INSANE and also in desperate need of (1) reading skill (2) comprehension (3) logic.

          You are also rude in your retort to tb.
          Yes, Americans DO discriminate and BIG TIME.
          They shoot unarmed children at will.
          Serve and Protect the citizens, they do not.

          You, David, had asked, “Does that mean we should all start counter discrimination all over the place?” And I say … um … YES PLEASE. It should be countered and fought like HELL everywhere all over the globe.

          Is that his argument? No, he did not argue. He simply stated what needed to be stated in reply to the original poster who was ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY in his reasoning.

          You had said, ” Yours is the most uninformed, uneducated and the most immature way of solving the issue at hand here. Sorry but grow some beard!”

          And I say that you are quite unused to the conventions of Argument or Reasoning or even basic Netiquette, you arsewipe. How the hell would you know if his is the most uninformed? What is the sample size you are working with? And what makes YOU the expert over him. And how the HELL do you know if he is uneducated or immature? You pretend to know stuff that you have no way of knowing from that tiny writing sample you are going off against. YOU ARE AN ASS.

          Solving the issue at hand?
          Is that what you THINK you are doing here?
          Yet you had opposed fighting racism everywhere.

          Sorry, but please grow a few brain cells.
          And break into your piggy bank and buy a clue.


  • I was 35 when I applied for a teaching job 2 yrs ago in Korea. I’m Vietnamese-American with a masters. The hagwons told me directly “We can’t hire you because you are Asian. The mothers want teachers with blonde hair and blue eyes.” A recruiter let out an audible gasp when I told him my age. So yeah, discrimination is nothing new in Korea. This is why after 2 yrs there; I left.

    • Please keep telling your story OVER AND OVER AND OVER, dear Kari. I am so sorry about your experience, and that is absolutely raging stupid and crazy. I promise to do all that I can do change all this when I return to my native land. I have had it up to my eyeballs in USA. It is nasty everywhere and will keep getting nastier, I’m afraid. I’d rather clean up Korea than stay here to keep taking any more crap, of which I have hit the absolute limit.

      And good for you for leaving.
      And even better of you to SHARE IT ONLINE.
      I am very grateful that you are taking the trouble to do it.

      I vow to fight it here and there and everywhere.
      I vow to keep spreading it to Vietnam and tne rest of Asia.
      Prejudice and Racism can be UNLEARNED.
      Shame them. Make it a social suicide. Unfashionable.
      Above all, have them question USA’s values.
      KOREA has been infected with many of USA’s diseases.
      Careful that it does not happen in Vietnam also.
      Must be more DISCRIMINATING in the good things we take in.
      I really feel that I have done MY UTMOST for USA in this.
      Now I am gearing up to go and change Korea for the better.

      Thanks again.
      Please remember the other Koreans, who are AGAINST this.
      Please remember us and do not let bitterness consume you.
      And know that I will bitchslap the perpetrators once I am home.

  • My thought is he should leave Korea and work in the Middle East. There is less discrimination toward blacks and they will pay him better for his skills than Koreans can afford to. Let the Koreans continue to lose highly qualified and skilled teachers. Abandonment is a just and fair response to unkindness.

    • Students in the Middle East are more accepting of different skin colors, but in terms of discipline in the classroom, they are pale in comparison to Koreans.

    • “Less” meaning what? You’ll actually get the job? You’ll be treated like human on a day-to-day basis instead of dirt under their feet? And does this also apply to women?

  • It’s fucked up. I taught in Korea in 2004 at some stupid institution, where I checked paragraphs written by children. One girl thought she was funny because she wrote something like “In America, black people are in jail.” I told her to re-write her paragraph but she didn’t want to. I asked her why she felt this way and whether or not she had been to the USA. She had never been to the USA, but she did see black people in jail on American television. It’s so fucked.

    • It’s horrible to experience and unfortunately, continues to be the case in S.Korea as we see in this article. I spent several years in that country, and experienced a tremendous amount of racism and discrimination, especially being a biracial male. Many others face the same issue, for various reasons that mainly come down to ignorance. Hopefully S. Korea will start to wake up and learn that there is much more to life than living in their bubble, especially if they want to learn English and the western world.

      • Oh, believe me, they totally will. I am headed back that way, cruising for such a bruising. I have had A LOT of experience with Racism having lived in USA and dealt with Europeans for deacdes now. I will NOT COUNTENANCE IT in the land of my origins, and will do what I have always done, no matter what jurisdiction or what circumstances: FIGHT AND FIGHT AND FIGHT. I will change Korea the way I have brought about changes in USA, and I have, believe you me. I have also brought about changes in Europe while at it. I am going to take a VERY good close look at South Korea and it will CHANGE into a more just, reasonable, fair place FOR ALL PEOPLE FROM EVERYWHERE, regardless of how they got there or what legal standing they may have.

        There is only ONE SIZE of JUSTICE and it must fit ALL.
        as best as humanly possible to grant and give TO ALL,
        as in all humans regardless of their origins or legal status.

        This was the way of MY PARTICULAR ANCESTORS as I understand it and I will be continuing THEIR LOGICAL AND RATIONAL THOUGHT into the next century and beyond, however warped and distorted they have become in popular imagination, due to the RELENTLESS ONSLAUGHT OF PROPAGANDA AGAINST IT all during the last century. As if.

        One Justice for All.
        Fairness is difficult but worth the pursuit.
        And I will see it implemented as best as can be possible.
        No excuses not to now. Travel and Communication are a cinch.

      • You raise a valid point, but ask how are east asians portrayed in american media? Do koreans come to believe these stereotypes about themselves. If the answer is no, why do they CHOOSE to believe these stereotypes about other groups?

        And since when do people believe what they see on fantasy tv shows, Korean must really be stupid if they think Americans can dodge bullets like in the matrix and fly over buildings in a single leaping bound.

        • I was told over and over again by America and Americans that I was in USA to escape my HORRIBLE life in Korea. I wasn’t. My parents were America-lovers and just wanted to live more like those people they saw in the movies. They were stupid. They dragged me here against my will. I never had any such illusions.

          I was told over and over again by America and Americans that I am good at math and science and I am like a robot and am subservient and enjoy serving and sacrificing for others, having no ambitions of my own. Well, I am not all that into math and science although I used to be alright in them. I was a noted child-writer back in Korea, widely believed to be the next great writer, perhaps bringing home a Nobel or a Pulitzer. Alas, my forced relocation to a country without much love of Korean literature, nor even basic understanding of its location, or even existence (I was told over and over that Korea was part of China. That it always was, and still is.) didn’t really help. But I did learn English and even became proficient at it. Much good it did me, though.

          I was also told that it was my TRADITION to take physical beatings without complaining, that I should be MEEK and even WELCOMING of pain and humiliation and suffering because that is how THE FEMALES OF MY COLORING AND BACKGROUND are supposed to be. I was even admonished in the hallway of my school by a complete stranger of a teacher that I was OFFENDING HER with my American way, and that I should embrace my heritage. Um, I was simply walking down the hall with my American friends. I still do not know what she had meant. Dress traditionally? Avert my eyes? Kowtow?

          WE DO NOT CHOOSE TO BELIEVE SHIT ABOUT OURSELVES. Many of us, however, do eventually grow VERY TIRED and run out of steam and just TOLERATE all sorts of personal offenses and obnoxious comments and general bullying. I do not, but have done so on some occasions just out of sheer exhaustion. WE ARE MADE TO BEHAVE A CERTAIN WAY, and not to do so (which is my default option) is considered RUDE and not PROUD OF MY HERITAGE. I have been a citizen for decades now but I am so sick and tired and I want out. I changed over during the BASTARD CHUN DOO-HWAN’S RULE in despair over the future of South Korea, over which USA was always imposing such craptastic arsewipes, telling us that we are NOT MADE FOR DEMOCRACY (check some Republican publications from 60-80s) but I began to regret it during the lead up to the ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL IRAQ WAR and now am looking into ways to change this. Seriously.

          I do not buy the RIDICULOUS ignorant, uninformed crap projected at me. I have never become fond of all the assaults against me, physical and sexual and personal and metaphorical. I have formed a conclusion after SO MANY DECADES of the USA and indeed the white world, after much reading and studying and researching. I know you better than you know yourselves and have taken the trouble to do so, curious how such people could have had SUCH an impact on our history, our lives, and even our own perspectives on ourselves. I am sick of it. I see it all clearly. I am disgusted.

          Especially when I see you folks FREAKING THE FUCK OUT online against the smallest encroachment against your schpeschial holy sanctimonious selves. AFTER HAVING BEEN THROUGH WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IN YOUR SYSTEM, IN YOUR WORLD, IN YOUR THOUGHTLESS DOINGS. Korea over-pays your folks and you still bitch that this and that isn’t perfect. My properties are not respected nor is my right to own it, in your world. You bitch when there isn’t soap in your clubs. I have been raped multiple times by your privileged white dudes who always seem to have more credibility over my Asian bitch self, and GET AWAY WITH IT. You are under-qualified for your jobs that you get paid for in Korea. I am over-qualified for the jobs and I have to grovel for and get cut from time and time again, for being too smart, too sexy, too this and too that. You have NO IDEA WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH at your people’s hands, you weak cretins.

          Believe whatever you like about us.
          Who could indeed stop you?
          You have always done this.
          I do not care.
          But I will fight back, you BASTARDS.
          This Korean has done so and will keep doing so.

          • You were likely told that because that is why MOST koreans come to America. Korea was extremely poor back in the 1950s when most American GIs showed up so most Americans think of Korea as no different than north korea, a poor war torn starving hell hole. I know Seoul economy has improved alot, but much of south korea is still very poor and suffering, I mean they still have stories about slavery there making international news. As for the other comments, they sound like plain ignorance from immature children or typically ignorant white Americans and I won’t defend them. I do not know who chun doo hwan is nor what his relevence is here.

            Why don’t you just move to a koreatown or a place with tons of asians like new york or the bay area or chicago or hawaii? I don’t mean it as an insult, but minorities are always treated badly in America when they are few in numbers often by whites and other minorities. Like the bay area is a good to be asian place but you will catch hell for being black out there, you’ll get racism from whites, asians and hispanics which is pretty widespread. Where as being asian in Ohio or Mississippi or New Mexico is likely the exact opposite you’ll catch hell for being Asian. Who sexually assaulted you, when and how, why did you not report it to the police. And what is your opinion of us white people, I am curious to know since you know us better than I do? It is true men can get away with rape but that is because it is a he said she said nature of crime with a presumption of innocence for the accused. It is a systemic problem and it exist in Japan and asia too.

            Sure white folks are underqualified for the jobs but that is korean peoples fault. Koreans hire us knowing we are underqualified at the hagwoons because the korean mothers want a blonde hair teacher even if they stink. Is it White people’s fault koreans think blonde people are superior or koreans fault? The business responds to the customer. Is it a white gwei lui running the school or a korean like you? Your problem issn’t with white people, it is with Koreans who worship whites and demand white teachers. And you telling me to stay out of korea is just as bad as the whites who were racist to you and other koreans. You have become a racist which you profess to hate.

          • “Korea was extremely poor back in the 1950s … ”

            Mr. Cortez, I am quite well versed in History in general, especially modern Korean History. Thank you.

            “As for the other comments, they sound like plain ignorance from immature children or typically ignorant white Americans and I won’t defend them”

            Why, that is so nice of you. The problem with it is that these were my teachers, law enforcement officers, political representatives and their aides, as well as various supposedly sophisticated professionals. I am not TOUCHING the children or the trashy sectors.

            “I do not know who chun doo hwan is nor what his relevence is here.”

            Chun “doo-doo” Doo Hwan is the 5th President of the Republic of South Korea, and relieved my distant relative of his office as he took that post, in the second military coup. He is of relevance to me because I would not have given up the Korean citizenship in fear of political reprisals because his Regime and the regime after his were notoriously brutal and heavy handed in suppression of Speech. I wanted to protect myself from the various shenanigans they would pull on Korean nationals, knowing my U.S. citizenship would afford me some protection. For your information.

            “Why don’t you just move to a koreatown or a place with tons of asians like new york or the bay area or chicago or hawaii? I don’t mean it as an insult … [snip the rest]”

            Pardon me. It is apparent to me that you are trying to be “helpful” and not to insult, but it does come off as rather officious, and I am a bit sensitive. For your information, I began my life in the USA in an affluent suburb with a significant Jewish population who were very conscientious and civic minded and quite liberal, where its few Koreans were regarded very highly. I then lived in various pockets of highly educated, mixed neighborhoods where people “got along” better than most elsewhere. I have always been VERY open ethnically and socially, and ghettos have not held much fascination or attraction for me. These incidents did not happen because I did not adjust well to my new society and surroundings, because I was dim and sloooow in the uptake, because I was a bumpkin. These incidents happened IN SPITE OF my popularity, my inclusiveness, my wide and varied sets of acquaintances, in mixed and progressive towns.

            And as a matter of fact, I am currently located in NYC and this is where I have met THE WORST OF THE DISCRIMINATION, where I keep getting advised to GO HANG WITH MY OWN KIND, where I was stared at whenever I went to predominantly white pockets. Jewish and Irish, to be specific. The Jews here are not like the ones I grew up in the wealthy suburbs, and quite paranoid and exclusive and xenophobic here in this pocket of NYC. As for the Irish elements, OMG they are … um … beyond the pale. And right before this, I was residing in a picturesque wealthy upstate bedroom town, which was just TEAHADIST CRAZY from the first week of my setting foot there. I mean, vandalization and intimidations and dead animals on the doorsteps and major property damages over several years. And its cops were all RICH PEOPLE DON’T DO THAT as if they know how we live. I really LOOOOOOVE it when you folks assume I am so ignorant of the good life, of the wealthy life, of the good things, of good taste and etc. and go on to INSTRUCT ME in your peculiarly “helpful” ways. Love it. Sorry I cannot be more grateful. Seems that I and my KIND are just never grateful enough.

            I can’t believe I am indulging you this far but please … but I was rather specific on where and wherefores and who and what and all that regarding my sexual assaults, and I did report them. And got raped by the American legal system. You sound quite naive, by the way. Perhaps you are one of those people who think that the American Justice System works like it does on TV? Have you looked into the sheer NUMBERS as regards to ethnicity and color profiling in courtrooms and in the streets? They speak quite loudly and clearly. And I am not going to go into it just because I can’t be bothered to now and it’s all out there for anyone who cares to take a look.

            “And what is your opinion of us white people, I am curious to know since you know us better than I do?”

            Good question but I’m afraid it will be rather complex and lengthy, white male you. All my decades of research and hard work and voluminous readings, you want me to give you right here right now, encapsulated to suit your time constraints and dumbed down appropriately for your thoughtful, discerning, well-read self? You could not even follow my simple posts, poor man. But it is one of your outstanding traits to be EXTREMELY OVER CONFIDENT in many matters beyond your comprehension. To start.

            Perhaps if you pique my bitch enough with specifics I will be stirred into action. But I have NO INCLINATION TO PROVIDE FREE EDUCATION for a person who has obviously neglected his reading list for sophisticates, while pretending to be one of us. You reek of ignorance.

            “It is true men can get away with rape but that is because it is a he said she said nature of crime with a presumption of innocence for the accused. It is a systemic problem and it exist in Japan and asia too.”

            It is a GLOBAL PROBLEM and it has a lot to do with the lower status of females in general and their general lack of credibility. The folks handling my case, WHEN I DID IMMEDIATELY SEEK LEGAL SATISFACTION, took the words of a MAFIA KID from Northeast Philadelphia over mine. That I was flummoxed for words, having been just through an ordeal at my young age of 18, was taken as a sign I was lying. They DEMANDED THAT I BE MORE ARTICULATE and were frustrated. Well, I was wholly unprepared for such thing to happen to me as a Princess from a particularly Princessy town where my set ruled the social scene. I was not familiar with legal jargons and I doubt any of my smart peers were either. My lack of bruises were PROOF to my female case “investigator” who was also a rape victim that MY RAPE WAS NOT AUTHENTIC and unworthy of a case to take her away from her newborn baby in the middle of the night. The medical staff examining my body didn’t seem to think I could understand them and kept commenting on my body, specifically that it was WEIRD to see someone with so much hair on her head and no pubic hair. I was told that my assailant was more credible and that they would believe his story that I broke into his house in the middle of the night to steal whatever I could to get myself drug money. They also made threats against me and my family, and seemed to believe I was not entitled to THEIR justice system because of MY CULTURE GAP even though by then I was their own citizen. They kept saying that I was TRYING TO RUIN A WHITE MAN’S LIFE just because he had dumped me (um, I had never seen the bastard in my life) or something. They kept coming up with the craziest tales to dismiss my case, which I did, because they threatened to humiliate my family AND MY BACKGROUND. Anyway, enough of this. You had asked.

            Gwei Lui … sounds Chinese. I do not do Chinese.

            “Your problem issn’t with white people, it is with Koreans who worship whites and demand white teachers. And you telling me to stay out of korea is just as bad as the whites who were racist to you and other koreans. You have become a racist which you profess to hate.”

            My problem is white people. And the retarded Koreans who mindlessly want to emulate their “betters” just because they own more STUFF and had propagandized the hell out of the entire nation for decades. And I did not tell YOU to stay out of Korea. I told those who DIDN’T LOVE IT AND KEEP BASHING IT ONLINE UNJUSTLY (if just, I do hop right in and join the throng) to leave. You need to improve your reading skill, dude.

            Have I become a racist? I probably have. I have picked up a lot of bad stuff that I did not want to be tained with, living here. Experience has erased my innocence but I would rather know than be like those ignorant subservient fools running and patronizing HAGWON. The thing is, we are ALL racists, but some of us try to fight it and make a genuine effort to spot it when it surfaces. My problem is with those who DENY THAT THEY ARE, THAT THEY CAN BE especially those who point it out gleefully in others as if their bottoms do not stink to high heavens. PUHLEEZE.

            And what have you DONE to combat it?
            Me, I have marched. I have petitioned.
            I have organized protests. I have pressured groups.
            I have brought down various regimes around the world.
            Yes. Even a racist bitch like me can do this much.
            How much have YOU done, Mr. Know It All Superiority?
            Don’t bother telling me either. I am not really interested.
            But if you feel SO strongly, please convert it to ACTIONS.

            Give me and others reasons and examples to take heart from.

            Oh, and I am very aware of your last name’s significance. The name of Cortez features heavily in the explosive opening chapters of People’s History of UNITED STATES by Howard Zinn. Given the surname you are carrying, I would be a bit more mindful who you are calling a racist. It is hardly glorious in MY reckoning of the world history, frankly.

          • if you are well versed in history, it shouldn’t surprise you people think of Korea as a poor country or assume you are a refugee or fleeing horrible conditions of Korea. I am not saying it is right, but when you come from a country with a history of poverty and war people will have misconceptions. I am not saying it is right, even in 3rd world countries you have rich people too. But its not like Korean people don’t assume other people are poor from historically poor nations. For me to respond to the comments, I would have to know what was specifically said and the full context. You do understand white people were raised in a RACIALLY SEGREGATED society which taught for hundreds of years whites were racially superior to all non-whites.

            Often times even when they are trying to be not racist, it will still come across as racist. They really don’t know how to behave better. In fact, they probably think they are complementing you by saying you should act like a nice quiet korean girl (as opposed to loud ignorant white american female). I am confused about your gripe. You don’t want to live in a koreantown or Korean/asian majority area? You said you grew up in a jewish area where you first claimed you experienced alot of racism but are now saying there wasn’t racism too bad.

            Ok I get it now, you don’t get America. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how popular you are, people will always shoot you down a noch because you are not white. We do it to black folks in the media all the time, it is why everyone was quick to destroy Tiger Woods but ignore other golfers who had careers in philandering. Now I am not saying it is right, I am saying this is America, this is what occurs when you hang around white people. That will likely never stop because old beliefs die hard. I find it confusing because you are almost surprised that if you go out with 10 white people they are going to make Korean jokes? This is just the way America is.

            If I went to Korea town they’d probably call me all kind of white jokes and blonde jokes. And it is no different in any other American group. Guess what, if I go out with 10 mexicans I am going to get 10 gringo jokes, If you go out you will get 10 chink jokes. THAT was why I recommended going out with your own kind. Not to say you are incapable of integrating, rather most people aren’t ready to think like you and forget about race. We have John McCain who nearly became the US president, voted as the nominee of the Republican party who called Asian people Gooks and refused to apologize. He said “I hate gooks, I hated them then and I still hate them now”.

            I am simply trying to explain to you white people CANNOT behave better than this. Don’t you think whites would behave better if they could? And I don’t doubt their rich kids were messing with your property, I seen it all at my university, white students handing out pamphets on an asian majority campus, writing racial slurs on the walls, saying the ethnic change is bad etc. You are asking for white people to accept you. And I am saying most whites don’t want to and are likely incapable of the behaviour you’d consider as fair. You will be happier in the long run to hang around other Asians.

            If you want to go through 100 white people to find the 3 who won’t call you a gook or a chink, be my guess. I know if I were Asian I wouldn’t. Maybe I am naive on rape, I’ve never been raped, I never reported it, I have no experience with it. But I know you are fighting an uphill battle if it is a situation where you voluntarily went to a males house or vice versa and he raped you. I always assumed the people who claim profiling are guilty minorities who are just playing the race card. This is what I and most white people think because it is what we were taught.

            I asked your opinon, fi you don’t want to give it, I can’t force you. You can’t get mad at white males for not agreeing with you, if you are unwilling to reach out to us and share your point of view. After all, I cannot share your view unless I know what it is and how you got there. Otherwise I’d be blindly agreeing with your view and have no arguments to even support it. You do realize plenty of men are raped in prison and their rapist are never punished. Rape is a hard crime to prove LEGALLY.

            Because the legal concept of proof is very strict. You either need an admission, recording, eye witness or some kind of overwhelming evidence and your word will not be enough. The criminal is always presumed innocent. He will certainly deny he raped. A slick defense lawyer would ask how did you get to his room, and you’d say I went voluntarily. he will ask question to make it look like you wanted to have sex with him, even if you are raped.

            I am inclined to believe your story and I think you are telling the truth. There is a famous comedian who says the justice system means just-us, just us white people. How did you end up in his house though if you never seen him before? White people propaganda korean? When was this? White people don’t speak korean? Why do you call yourself a bitch? Im white, I’ve learned the best thing I can do is silently support non-whites. Because anything I say will likely be racist, it is how white people are raised. Oh, and what do you know about the surname Cortez? I am sure curious. Did I have some racist ancestor, likely, most whites were racist until MLK and it wasn’t even considered wrong by us.

          • Look, I have spoken. I will not give you REMEDIAL instructions in so much of what you lack. Please go show off your DEEP THOUGHTS and lack of understanding of so much with someone else. I am tired of reading your meandering mess of confusion. If you are lonely and want to chat people up, try someone else. I have given WAY MORE OF MY TIME than you deserve. You are a third rate mind and I am not going to be SPOKEN TO by such as you any longer. You have quite simply used up my goodwill and patience I WILL NOT REPLY TO YOU ANYMORE.

            You have communication issues. You do not listen. Your reading and comprehension skills are on the low side. Yet you display such an eagerness to share your little wisdom with me, convinced that you are my superior in various ways, which you are NOT, you idiot. You do not know your place. You talk AT ME and I do not find it charming. For each thing I tell you to bring more clarity you go off into several more tangents of wrongheadedness.

            You have filled a lot of space with vacuous CRAP and I am almost certain now that you ARE a fucking troll typing with one hand, bragging to your buddies that you’ve got a live one, a Korean chick you is TALKING TO YOU ALL DAY LONG, DAY AFTER DAY because you are such a hot shit.

            FUCK OFF NOW.
            You have displayed your ignorance quite enough now.
            You have also AMPLY DEMONSTRATED the white male.
            The stuff that I have been complaining about, you exemplify it.
            That you are totally unaware of it is TYPICAL of your sort.

            YOU MORON.
            Nothing personal.
            I just do my best to avoid talking to idiots.
            Especially idiots who are TRYING to be helpful.
            You are a classic little troll, now that I review your ramblings. UGH.

          • You are crazy. Go back on your meds. Even when people try to be nice to you, you stil act like a punk. All you think about is your own vagina, news to you, I don’t care about your vagina.

          • HERNAN CORTEZ who pretends not to know what his chosen handle means (aqui, tinyprick http://tinyurl.com/ooa7lm5), you are definitely A PENISBREATH OF A CUMGUZZLING TROLL.

            I doubt you are even white, as you pretend to be. Nor are you an English speaker. You do not comprehend words spoken to you. All you think about is getting a rise out of people, and wasting their time.

            Hey, let ME “try to be nice to you” right back.

            My vagina is not something you care about, you said. That is a relief, cocklicker. I am also very hurt. Because there is a history of Korean girls wanting so badly to be accepted by foreigners because we were once SO POOR that we sought your kind attention to our vulvas, even though you people were not very nice, and who knows why, but my medications will help me cope with your devastating rejection of my swollen clitoris.

            You should get yourself a better English instructor, by the way, because I am detecting a Korean idiot pretending to be a white person. Maybe it’s my meds, but I swear I sniff a lot of a whiff of a badly taught fake-Engrish speaker. You reason like certain wannabe Korean morons cruising to get butt-hurt.

            Why don’t you go back to your porn sites, you sickpup? All you think about is wanking yourself off on other people, pretending to care about them, and then JIZZ YOUR ANNOYING SELF ON THEM and then cry wah wah all the while diddling your flaccid needleprick. Have you thought about investing in a quantity of Viagra? I am suggesting this because I care.

            And I know you really DO care about my vagina too, but you are just hurt because you think I rejected you for your underendowed dick even though you have a great personality and WANT TO stand up for racial justice and equality. Anything to get any sort of attention online. From anyone.

            Why don’t you go out and make some friends? If you put some effort into acquiring a modicum (haha I said cum, am I witty now?) of social skill perhaps you can buy yourself some sex, or at least get tolerated by some set of folks, be they white or red or brown or even yellow. You reek of loneliness and desperation. Do you know why you are so ostracized? You are ANNOYING AS ALL HELL and display a cocaine personality. Or meth. One of those two. Self-absorbed and unable to go from one thought to the next in smooth transition. And with an inflated sense of self.

            The one word that cumzzz to my mind is UNCOOL.

            Got to go now and wipe the rejection tears off my vagina.
            She is cursing some nasty shit about you right now.
            Diderot was not joking when he wrote of Talking Jewels.
            She is cussing you out in several different languages as I type.

            Au Revoir, Retardo.

          • I don’t know what your issue is, I tried to have a civil conversation with you. You acted completly unreasonable. You call me all kinds of names, I only tried to understand your position and you came back with a wave of insults.

            If you are interested in having a civil discussion we can have one, but if you want to name call, you need to look at your own behaviour and ask is that appropriate, what problem is that solving, is that improving anything or understanding?

            Or are you just creating more division which you look down on. Don’t be part of the problem, by part of the solution. And I am not a Korean. Why would a Korean try to pretend to be a white male of spaniard descent, frankly, I’d be surprised if Koreans even knew about us. And I am wondering if you are even Asian, maybe you are a white troll because I’ve never encountered an Asian who was so ignorant and didn’t know how to behave infront of white people.

            And everyone knows it is you asians who have tiny needle dicks, whites have large penis. Oh making a white joke when you were victim of racism. That will certainly not make more hate.

          • >> I don’t know what your issue is, I tried to have a civil conversation with you. <> frankly, I’d be surprised if Koreans even knew about us (Spaniards) <> And I am wondering if you are even Asian, maybe you are a white troll because I’ve never encountered an Asian who was so ignorant and didn’t know how to behave infront of white people. <>And everyone knows it is you asians who have tiny needle dicks, whites have large penis. Oh making a white joke when you were victim of racism. That will certainly not make more hate.<<

            See, such rantings convince me that you are either Korean or Chinese pretending to be a white person. Or perhaps you are someone of African origins. Or of Middle Eastern background. The gigantic penised Whites with their engorged sense of Entitlement have charmed their way into the hearts and minds all over the globe, as they force their unfancied members into various crevices where they do not belong, FOR OUR OWN GOOD, for which we should be appropriately grateful and feel honored, as you see it with your demonic perspective. And then there is that particularly cute endearing trait of yours that you call "wit" that everyone else finds lame and cheesy and not at all funny. That alone is evidence enough that you did not build your global empires with superior intelligence and sense. You THUGS achieved it with your LONG PRACTICED WAY of THEFT by lying, cheating, brute force, and ignorance — which you are giving an ample demonstration of right now. I swear you are someone who hates the whites, doing a damned irritating job of PARODYING a white fool.

            Yeah, keep talking that way.
            That is the way to fight Hate.
            And I do not make white jokes.
            You white people are not only not funny but also not a joke.
            You must be taken very seriously as a threat to all living things.

            Various people around the world just could not bring themselves to take you JOKERS seriously enough and paid with their civilizations, lost honor, lost cultures, and INNUMERABLE LIVES over which you assholes still gloat away, demanding our pussies even now. We are all pussies to you. We are all to be trampled over. And when a tiny bit is not exactly to your specification you throw a fucking TANTRUM AND A HALF and pretend it is the greatest INJUSTICE in the world not to be forgotten EVER.

            We are on to you, ignorant sons of hamhock-armed bitches.

          • I am hernan cortez, the man who you linked to was hernan corteS, with a S at the end not a Z, our last names are different. It would be like saying julie chan is the same person as julie chang. This is why I think you are a troll and not even korean, probably some jew dude in a basement trying to start fights between koreans and whites.

            Look at your own behaviour, you constantly name call. Then you wonder why you got mistreated in life. Don’t blame me. Are you mad because I asked you how you ended up in the house of a man you said you never met before and didn’t know and said raped you? And if us Spaniards are so bad, then explain to me what that makes you if you go dating one, knowing how evil and wicked we are? And wasn’t Korea colonized by Japan, I don’t recall Spain colonizing Korea?

            There is no historical figure that I am aware of called hernan cortez, now there is a hernan cortes, but that is a different name.

            Now wait a minute, Asians are suppose to behave civil infront of everyone. Everyone is suppose to behave civil, not calling people fucktards. And Asian women were selling their pussies out cheaply for thousands of years before the white men showed up, prostitution was a world wide phenomenon, everyone was selling pussy. Do you resent the fact that asian women sold their pussies cheap? would it be a more fair trade if the price was higher? In fact it was the Japanese who made korean comfort women not whites. Your comments are unbelievable.

            Watch South Park, it is written by 2 white guys, they make a skit where they perpetuate the “myth” of giant white penises. We say it all the time to mock Asians, look at how they portray the Asians in the skit. Its what whites think you asians think why asian women have white fever. I will admit that it is likely part of the reason why no one believed your story. There is a belief that Asian women are oversexed and will have sex with any white man for his large penis just for being white and having a large penis. When you consider it like that, you get why they don’t believe you. They just aren’t telling YOU that because YOU are Asian.

            And yes whites stole up all the land, but everyone was stealing land back then. Genghis Khan was stealing land in Europe, so was Attilia the Hun and so was the turks, all from east asia originally. So technically you Asians started stealing land first.

    • Hey Jacob, I have taught College English here in the USA. You should get a load of some of the NASTY MINDBLOWING SHIT that I have been privileged to grade. College English. Native Speakers.

      One of them wrote that he likes to get girls to come into his apartment so he can slap them around. He also enjoyed his peeping tom activities, and occasional theft. And he wrote all this in such a long rambling incoherent way that he called HIS VERY OWN POETIC STYLE that must not be challenged.

      My colleagues in the English Department have sat around on many occasions comparing the CRAZY CRAPPY writings that we are supposed to be grading. AND WONDERING WHY THEY WERE LET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL. Or even Junior High. And then grading curve … wow. Everybody gets credit for trying. Teachers get into trouble for not GIFTING generous grades. When I got great results, the rest of my colleagues banded against me for standing out that way, and pushed me out. As well as sexually harassing me on the way out. It’s so fucked.

      Oh, and I get told ALL THE TIME about Korea this and Korea that as if these Americans had been to Korea, and none of them had. One of my American roommates kept bitching to me about Korea’s colonial days under the French and when told that cannot be possible she abused me so thoroughly that I had to move out. She had meant Vietnam, turns out, later. And this chick, Jana is her name, is totally multi-cultural goddess of astute awareness, totally immersed in the problems of Latin America. Crazy bitch is what she is to me. Oh, and she thought I would steal her Japanese boyfriend, and then couldn’t understand JUST WHY that would not be the most astute assumption given the history between Korea and Japan, of which she seemed to think she knew.

      I was also viciously attacked by Polish American girls, daughters of my political colleague, for being … wait for this … a Korean who “believes in the lie” that Korea was abused by Japan during its forced occupation. Vicious. They thought it was fucked up that we would keep repeating such lies about SUCH nice people. I do believe them to be nice people, yes, but I also believe my version of history is correct in that their so called Police Action was a brutal and illegal forced Occupation, and that my mentioning of the phrase “The Japanese Occupation” at a dinner gathering of peace-and-justice-activists is not a criminally rude act, nor an anti-social act, given the distinct LACK of anyone of any Japanese descent at the said gathering.

      I could go on for years and years regurgitating all the crap I have been forced to take in USA and to read in the USA and to accept with good grace. I could tell you so much, and my experience is a lot more comprehensive than your little anecdote with one dumb child. But I don’t need to.

      The world has a MOUNTAIN of evidence against your kind.

      • Pique, no-one is denying that America is racist. Saying that it’s racist is an understatement. But you can’t get rejected for a job based on your race, sexuality, age, or gender in America because there are laws in place. That’s what’s lacking in Korea.

        • Just fell off a turnip truck, dear?
          Wake up and smell the RANCID RACISM.
          What’s lacking in USA is the unwillingness to:

          honor the spirit of

          it’s “Founding Father given” laws.

          Have you studied the History of U.S. Supreme Court, its Chief Justices, their politics, and the trends in their rulings? Well, I have. It’s enough to make you want to jump off a bridge.

          Let me repeat myself.

          You sure sound like someone who doesn’t read the GLARING headlines. Oh, sorry. You know the latest thing Kim Kardashian’s butt is sporting. You know the latest trend in sexual positions. Pardon me, sophisticated lady.

          Open your eyes.
          Check out this thing called Honesty.
          Check out the scenes in Justice System.
          They are so LOL cynical in it, and treat it as a joke.

          If it’s so easy to enforce anti-discrimination laws, then how come SO VERY FEW see it to the end and come away with at least a hearing?

          Until very recently, our yellow asses were quota’d within an inch of our academic lives and many of us overqualified college applicants had to fuck off to somewhere shitty or not go at all. Many of us, believe it or not, come from homes that are not the most financially secure, but we are not considered “at risk” or “under-privileged” and those things do not apply to us.

          Laws in place my ASS.
          USA has been eaten away by Mafia.
          They are in your state capitols and factories.
          They’ve got their dirty fingers in everything.
          Tell them about LAWS in place.
          Tell your local jurists and judges about LAWS in place.
          They have LITERALLY laughed in my face time after time.
          They are that brazen.
          They have also snorted in my face.

          Move away from your Kool-Aid keg, dear.

          Fairytales …
          Oh, but don’t you watch the TV court dramas, you say?
          Oh, but don’t you watch the legal films where justice rules?

          Save that for some children.
          I know too much and have too much experience here.
          So tired of your misremembered America that never was.

          Oh, and your Holy Founding Fathers were mostly asswipes.

  • Dont want to be discriminated against during the hiring process, then I suggest you work for the public schools. Hagwons are private institutions, and the mothers pay large sums for additional English instruction for their children. If the mothers wanted robots to teach their children, the hagwon would oblige. If the government wants to force this, the mothers will just take their money elsewhere. The hagwon is just an outward facing conduit of a deeper problem with race and stereotypes. Exposure to different races is fairly new to Korean society, but the work that you do is changing that, one class at a time. Keep your head up, another job is just around the corner. Literally.

    • Except that public schools in Korea are now phasing out “native teachers,” so you’ll be out of a job in a year or two and have trouble finding a new job.

      • Not necessarily.
        There will be A SEA CHANGE coming soon.
        Bet your bottom dollars on that.

    • HAGWON should be outlawed. I was forced into two such things when I was growing up there. Absolute waste of time. It is just a non-academic NEED that some people have, because while it may have social significance or get children out of the parent’s way or something it does very little for ACADEMIC achievements. I was one of the best students in Seoul, regularly ranked atop, and my fellow top grade earners also eschewed HAGWON in favor of more real study time. Me, I like playing. I hardly ever studied. I enjoyed thinking alone, though. HAGWON is like a funeral in that it is for the parents’ peace of mind, as funerals are for the living.

      Most of the teachers in it are absolutely UNQUALIFIED whether Korean or foreign. They are very good at leeching money, though. One such jerk was my first hagwon teacher. He was always demanding CALENDARS of his students, who had to sit crossed legged on low tables. Ouch. He was also sadistic. Any and everything was pretext to hit you. Very nasty old guy. He was fond of cursing too, and called me a 개쌍년 (lowgrade bitch) when I stopped going to him, because there was no reason to, because my grade was improvable by only a point or two and that had to do with my physical conditioning on the test day. The second hagwon teacher was my 6th grade elementary school teacher and her younger sister. They were nice and kind and helped slightly with my basic English alphabet, and I really enjoyed socializing with that group, but as far as academics went, it was ineffective. What it did was to give me a structure with my free time, which I could have opted to spend reading non-texts. I spent 95% of my time reading world Literature, all through my childhood, and my mother was deadset against it. But the simple fact was I finished reading all my textbooks in the first week of school and these were boring and easy.

      Hagwon is USELESS.
      At least for academic purposes.

  • I wrote :

    There is a white idiolization, always has been. And you are asking a homogenous society to be equal opportunist? Um let’s keep real. There is a high “image” issue in Korea and many Asian societies (even Asian Americans). In a homogenous society that idiolizes white America as its ally in war, it was not the Korean mind set alone that caused this. It was the distance from America and bordered by former enemies that cause them to trust American “white” people (during that generation) as the good person. Who we know back then bad mouthed blacks. In addition many Asians have a fair skin fetish. When you take race, image, and status and mix it together. Of corse you are going to get rejected. What I’ve been told though is that there is an image of black and that that’s what gets people rejected to other places there. Top schools and parents state they only want white.
    As for the discrimination charges… Lolololololol. There is no law for discrimination in a homogenous society regarding blacks lol! We are constantly assuming other countries are just like ours when we need to realize that countries are their own entities

    • While I have no doubt that it is easier to be hired as a teacher as a white person, it is not really true that Koreans, en masse, love white people. There is certainly a perception that they are more “sophisticated” or “civilized” than other races, but that is very much twinned with its own particular resentment and dislike among some Koreans.

      • I think there needs to be attention paid to which Koreans I was referring to. Not Koreans in mass but Koreans in Korea – non Korean Americans. It’s just a old school cultural habit thing. Being that Korea is a mercantilist state it is going to evolve slower with diversity. KRap and KPop are helping but it is still very exclusive instead of inclusive

        • I mean Koreans in Korea, too. The Korean media runs stories about foreign men, usually white men, supposedly corrupting innocent Korean women all the time. I can assure you that most jobs held by foreigners, including white ones, are token positions with no room for advancment. Some Koreans might like white people more than other races, but Koreans absolutely do not universally like white people either. The bottom line is being a foreigner means you will always be an outsider.

      • Idk dear but I hate when people in general create a casting system.
        I would listen todo me of the ajimas at church and watch them behave differently towards some of the happa kids that were black/Korean.
        In America I feel it’s racist but culture is a hard thing to break. So it’s ignorance if they know but cultural habits make it hard to change. If you refuse to change despite facts about others, you are racist. It’s not discriminating here, but over there it’s discrimination more than racism, imho.
        I’m in an interracial relationship now and I know his genes will trump mine. I’m ok with that and I’ll push my kids to love their features, and to love others equally.

  • So sorry to hear that Sean, totally unfair. The problem is with …

    The mothers want teachers with… blah, blah, blah.
    Until their consciousness changes, it will continue to be problematic for all.

  • I lived and worked there for more than 20 years and found that overt racism is easier to deal with than the covert kind. For the most part, I believe they don’t feel there is anything wrong with that kind of behaviour. It’s not the US. I’d say deal with it or leave. I do know some teachers there that may be able to help. Let me know.

  • Tbh..I’m a South Korean exchange student in United States. I’m sorry about this incident and yes, I feel really shameful…I could have a racism here either and I know that it’s really sad. I understand how he feels. I’m really sorry that he had this incident. I hope Korean society could change this soon…I apologize as a Korean student in United States.

        • I understand how you feel. I am glad you are not one of the people who says “hey I am a foreigner in America and people are racist against me too so why are you being hypocrite…blah blah”, i see too many of those kinds of comments nowadays. If you want to make a difference i would say when you go home, spread the word on the good experiences you have had with people of other races and cultures. And if you have children teach them not to judge others based on those things. It’s all you can do.

    • Its good to know people like you exist, because we often just hear the bad so think all koreans are racist.

  • What about all the non-Americans who are discriminated against based on accent regardless of their skin colour? I don’t see how this is “white privilege.” There are also many people in Korea who seem to think they’re entitled to job just for speaking English. A TEFL certificate and 2 years’ experience with a non-teaching or English related qualification is not that outstanding.

    • Erm Sarah, this particular case is actually exactly that- white privilege. A non-white person is denied a job that is reserved for a white person. It doesn’t get much more white privilege than that. Having said that, I understand (and it appears the writer and Sean do too) that discrimination is a problem in general in Korea. No one is disputing that. In fact, this article and the comments are highlighting that. And your comment about his qualifications is equally ridiculous. He wasn’t denied the job based on qualifications, he was denied based on skin colour.

      • In the context in which the comment is made, “white privilege” is general. I may be white, but I don’t have my job for that reason. Hagwons are businesses that aim to make money so yes, image is important. This is just one of thousands of similar incidents yet those are not reported on. What makes this case special? Moreover, the article clearly provides his email address with a request for people to contact him if they would like to offer him a job. Thus, his qualifications – and lack of professional appearance in this article – do come into question within this article, too. There are always two sides to every story.

        • Whit privilege doesn’t say that you have your job BECAUSE you are white. It’s saying that you have less competition for your job because other people are locked out(ie blacks and asian-americans/canadians/etc.).

          It’s similar to how white privilege meant that in the old days there were a lot more white basketball players then there are now…it doesn’t meant those pro NBA players didn’t earn it, it means that before black people were allowed to play, the competition was lower so more white people could make it in.

        • Sarah i think you need to read this more carefully. Read the comment below to get a better idea too. Part of white privilege is that many white people don’t even recognize it :”I may be white, but I don’t have my job for that reason” – How exactly do you know that for sure? It’s not possible for you to know that. You are demonstrating the very point that activists are stating on a daily basis.

          Also, let me point out again that the article is discussing a job that he would otherwise have been qualified for, BUT THEY DIDN’T WANT BLACKS. Now you and I can argue for days about what qualifies one to teach in Korea, but that is irrelevant. The point is he had the minimum required qualification, BUT was rejected based on the colour of his skin. Now if the response was: Get a masters’ degree in English and then try again, or, they don’t think you look professional enough, by all means, you would have a valid point. But it wasn’t.

          And finally, the fact that there is nothing special about this should raise eyebrows! That’s exactly why it NEEDS to be written about lol.. really Sarah

  • Playing Devil’s Advocate: 1. He has taught in Korea before so this is no surprise to him. 2. Looking at his email address and facebook photos, even in the US I wouldn’t hire him. 3. He may be a great teacher but Korea is an appearance first culture so maybe it wasn’t because he was black but because he seemed unprofessional.

    • Are you even being serious? Is strictlyjesus a bad thing??? Is he doing anything illegal in his photos??? Anything even remotely ‘bad’ looking??? Really now, you need to get your life and take several seats…

      • actually disqus isn’t far off. The first thing job seekers are told to do is change their name on facebook and use a general email. Now in this case they accepted the email and then changed their minds when they found out about skin colour so that argument won’t fly here. They passed on Sean because of his race, plain and simple.

        But I also would pass someone over who used that as a professional email. Not that it is “a bad thing” but it shows a lack of good judgement. I mean to put the shoe on the other foot, if you got an email from a potential employer and the address was ironmaidenrulz@yahoo.com would you take the job?

        • Since when is Jesus unprofessional? I agree that it may not be the best option to use that email as a business email address, but he had already been teaching for two years in Korea so clearly this wasn’t an issue. I’ve also looked at his FB account and I don’t see anything untoward about him. He looks like he has quite a few Korean friends and there’s nothing offensive or shocking there. The reality is that regardless of what his email address is, the guy is already employed in Korea in an official government position. If he were truly unprofessional, I highly doubt he would have got a renewal. What is ever surprising is that no one seems to call into question the highly questionable and unprofessional profiles and pictures of white candidates, but as soon as a black candidate brings this issue up, we feel the need to examine every nook and cranny of his life, almost in an effort to prove the act was NOT racist.

          • “What is ever surprising is that no one seems to call into question the
            highly questionable and unprofessional profiles and pictures of white
            candidates, but as soon as a black candidate brings this issue up, we
            feel the need to examine every nook and cranny of his life”

            Preach it! This is so true.

            It’s unfortunate, but it’s true that as black people we need to be extra cautious about our image and need to be beyond reproach because plenty of people will have it out for us.

          • Miguel – what? You make a very good point about the unjustified, extremely discriminatory aspect of the general tendency to examine “every nook and cranny” of an individual’s life when they are perceived as being Different. I’m with you on that. It is impossible for me to read this article and not feel red flags at the particular photograph of Sean Jones they selected, which inevitably will come to represent him (thus propagating certain, racist stereotypes, which this article – all its positive points aside – does not dare to go into). And yes, the email address was eye-catching.

            Yet, you in the same statement describe how you fb stalked him. Very interesting. Now, I will say here that I google searched Sean Jones. But just because we can perform such analyses, does that mean we should? Just because you have a point to back up, what does it mean, the fact that you have taken this extra – and arguably, unwarranted – step of ‘profiling’ this individual?

            Perhaps you would have ‘profiled’ a white candidate too. But that’s not my point. I’m suggesting you are practising a different kind of judgement that is also damaging. This kind of judgement is also discrimination – and it is also racist in kind. In spite of your best intentions. I did assume you had good intentions. But intentions are not enough.

            If one does not privatise their facebook, one can’t control to what degree their image may be hijacked. But this is not a blame game. It does not mean that such a user is then fair game to public dissection. We should not appropriate a private domain without permission, and open it out to the public. Privacy is difficult, it is a line that must be drawn. Miguel, you drew it for him. I’m not sure if Sean Jones minds this, but he certainly did not explicitly ask for your close attention and for your open sharing, of what should be considered his space..

            I wonder how you would have phrased your arguments if you had logged on and found that ‘Sean Jones on facebook’ actually was not very helpful to your argument?

          • Miguel – what? You make a very good point about the unjustified, extremely discriminatory aspects of the general tendency to examine “every nook and cranny” of an individual’s life when they are perceived as being Different. I’m with you on that. It is impossible for me to read this article and not feel red flags at the particular photograph of Sean Jones they selected, which inevitably will come to represent him (thus propagating certain, racist stereotypes, which this article – all its positive points aside – does not dare to go into). And yes, the email address was eye-catching.

            Yet, you in the same statement describe how you fb stalked him. Very interesting. Now, I will say here that I google searched Sean Jones. But just because we can perform such analyses, does that mean we should? Just because you have a point to back up, what does it mean, the fact that you have taken this extra – and arguably, unwarranted – step of ‘profiling’ this individual?

            Perhaps you would have ‘profiled’ a white candidate too. But that’s not my point. I’m suggesting you are practising a different kind of judgement that is also damaging. This kind of judgement is also discrimination – and it is also racist in kind. In spite of your best intentions. I did assume you had good intentions. But intentions are not enough.

            If one does not privatise their facebook, one can’t control to what degree their image may be hijacked. But this is not a blame game. It does not mean that such a user is then fair game to public dissection. We should not appropriate a private domain without permission, and open it out to the public. Privacy is difficult, it is a line that must be drawn. Miguel, you drew it for him. I’m not sure if Sean Jones minds this, but he certainly did not explicitly ask for your close attention and for your open sharing, of what should be considered his space..

            I wonder how you would have phrased your arguments if you had logged on and found that ‘Sean Jones on facebook’ actually was not very helpful to your argument?

          • Right. The person I responded to on this forum stated that Sean’s FB profile contained images that would make him a poor candidate for a job. How could I possibly reply to that without checking for myself?? How can I make unfounded comments and then have it come back to bite me later?

            Secondly, I did not FB stalk him and I resent your statement that I did, Sean is, I’m sure, well aware of how FB works and clearly has nothing to hide. I have no personal interest in him (having never met him), so how could that at all constitute “stalking”? You need to be careful with the way you phrase the things you say, because what you’re saying is offensive. And btw, YOU also looked at his FB profile, and even went as far as Googling him! My intention was to reply to the user’s comment above- that “Looking at his email address and facebook photos, even in the US I wouldn’t hire him”. So how exactly am I the one who did the following: ” appropriate a private domain without permission, and open it out to the public”? You will kindly note that the user above was the one who did that. I suggest you read all the comments very very carefully before you start to throw serious accusations like that out, and bear in mind that what you say online can be used in a court of law.

            Having said that, I have to point out to you that I did in fact partially agree on one point with the user above. I stated that the email address is probably not the best idea for business use. So having preserved my objectivity, I see no reason why I would have lied about anything “bad” I saw on FB, if there was anything. You need to stop wondering and implying things and start with some facts Rachel.
            And then you need to be less hypocritical about Sean’s space (you did after all Google the guy), and give some constructive and rational input to the debate.

          • I just think it’s dangerous when we respond in kind, that’s all.

            What I argued in my first comment was:
            1) the fact you examined a nook of Sean Jones’ life whilst assuming he would be fine with it simply because it was publicly viewable, 2) you judged him. Not sure you addressed either of these points?

            Your objection about some of my language I accept – definitely could have used a better term than ‘facebook stalk’, or at least defined my terms. I use the phrase to refer to the activity of searching somebody on fb, and going through their things. To describe ‘the activity of…’, which is to say it is the -nature- of its usage that determines whether it is warranted or not. I was not wondering or implying that you are a criminal. But I put forward the idea that you don’t have a right to represent ‘him’ – Sean Jones, or the idea of Sean Jones.

            Two points here: I myself ‘stalk’ people. Everybody on the webosphere does. BUT, where I try to draw the line (and I am the first to admit that I do not always adhere to the lines) is when there’s an opportunity to make a case study out of somebody. And I wouldn’t speak for an individual in public unless I knew them. Are you sure “Sean has nothing to hide”? Potentially, but you are only speaking for him, assuming on his behalf.

            Maybe he might read this and think I’m being pedantic and agree with you. So what? This is the issue. You can never know. I was horrified to find some of my old material had been publicly available. You might say that’s my fault, but if someone stalked me, it’s OUR problem.
            I believe Google search functions a bit differently from Facebook stalking (my usage). My bad, I shouldn’t have conflated meanings when I said I searched Sean on Google. Because which of us, interested in this story, would not? Facebook comes up on Google… this is a tricky scenario… but -who- do you think you’re representing? Facebook is somebody’s personal profile – I think fair enough stalking happens, but don’t hold a person to what you see online, esp if you run risk of speaking for them. Slippery slope, no? By the way, I did not and have not looked up Sean on facebook. How did you draw that conclusion?

            Also, neither of us is really dealing in facts. This is all judgement. In any case, someone’s fb profile is not them, only a part of their identity. Just as I took issue to something you did, but not to ‘you’. Which is why I would ask you please calm down: your implication that I should be prosecuted in a court of law for a (what I agree is a more theoretical than practical) contribution to a debate – is offensive to me. I am also not at all happy about your devaluations of my input as neither “constructive” or “rational”.

          • “What I argued in my first comment was:
            1) the fact you examined a nook of Sean Jones’ life whilst assuming he would be fine with it simply because it was publicly viewable, 2) you judged him. Not sure you addressed either of these points?”

            I am quite sure I dealt with both these points, but to clarify: I was not the first person to look at his FB profile. The person who started these comments was. So I did not, as you stated, ” appropriate a private domain without permission, and open it out to the public”. That domain was already publicized, both by Sean himself, and by the user I responded to, AND in fact, by you. I have no right, nor any desire, to represent Sean personally. BUT, I will not stand by and watch people make comments about a man being unprofessional and looking “gangsta” purely because of the colour of his skin. That is the issue I have highlighted here.

            I said Sean has nothing to hide with reference to his FB profile, which is not completely private. I did not refer to that as a personal belief of mine. Re-read my comment in context.

            Also, I did not judge Sean. I simply stated that it is remarkable that the same standards of what is considered unprofessional or “shady” do not apply equally across all races. I do not know Sean at all, I have never met him, and my personal opinion of him reflects that- I don’t know. All I know is that I am reading comments from a bunch of people stating how unprofessional he appears, how unprofessional his email address is etc, and I am simply stating that the principles used to judge black people are different to those used to judge white people.

            I also did not imply that you should be prosecuted. I warned you against using terms like “stalk” because those words can come back to bite you later. Nowhere did I say that I had any intentions of doing so, so your offence is misplaced. I find your commentary on me to be deconstructive because you are detracting from the point of the comment I made, to accuse me of invading a space that was already made public by others and to argue points that are not relevant to the comment I made.

      • Yes. Unprofessional is unprofessional. Looking gangsta is “bad” because it does not convey professionalism. He’s going to be working with children and, fair or not, teachers are held to a higher standard. Would you trust him if he were your physician?

        • So this guy “looks gangsta”? As a matter of fact, being a doctor myself, yes I would trust him once I heard what was coming out of his mind instead of judging him on his appearance (which is not ‘gangsta’ as you claim).

          That last picture of him, which I assume you are referring to as the ‘gangsta’ picture, is very likely not the picture he sent through to the agency when he applied. We’ve pretty much exhausted the discussion on whether employers should look through your social media or not (I personally don’t see how that picture is depicting him as a gangster in any way, and I highly doubt the recruiter had even seen that picture), but as I stated before, if he were a white applicant with some questionable pictures, there would be far less of a furore about his ‘gangsta’ looks. What you’ve served to point out is that there is an inherent racism against Black American culture, and that you yourself are one of many people who give in to that stereotypical racist view.
          The whole point of discussions like these is to erase those stereotypes, not to reinforce them

    • Have you seen the email addresses Koreans use in the professional world? So many office workers have names like “cutieangel” or “godislove.” It’s not his email address that is hurting him with hagwons.

  • I’m a qualified teacher with over 4 years experience, plus my major was English and I’ve been teaching in Korea for a year BUT I’m South African so many places won’t consider me because they want Americans.

  • Moments after reading this article my recruiter wrote to via Skype:

    [11/18/14 6:28:30 PM] xxx: But it is also hard to find one in Seoul

    [11/18/14 6:29:06 PM] xxx: Lots of school gives me a age limit

    I’m 35.

    • Yeah, I don’t think I would hire anyone who’s email address blatantly indicated what religious group (or lack thereof) they belonged to. Similarly, I would be wary of anyone who proclaimed themselves to be gay or straight or black/white/asian/polynesian/etc. in their email address. It kind of gives me the impression that this person has a very strong need to push a particular agenda, and regardless of whether or not that agenda is a worthy one, there are many people who feel the need to project it onto everything and that’s not somebody you feel comfortable working with :/
      Like, not that there can’t be some light discussion on sociopolitical issues at the office, it can just easily get out of hand and interfere with getting work done. And conflict between coworkers over non-profession-related issues is just not a thing you want to deal with.

  • Sean, I’m old and fat. So despite being a white female, I’m also off their charts. Koreans have a very narrow view of what a professional should look like. It’s so narrow that people of their own kind have to literally saw their jawbones off if they have wide face. Eye surgery is also on the list – many of them will tell you they have to have it to get a job. Unfortunately, widening their eyelids has done nothing for their viewpoints. I hope the news of your situation will make them look in a mirror.

  • The British Council in Gwanghwamun has a strict equal opportunities and diversity policy, and pays well. If Sean has a recognized TEFL qualification, he might want to consider putting in an application.

    On another note, is there any implied xenophobia in the title of this article? Sean experienced discrimination due his ethnicity. Of what relevance is his nationality? Was he denied the job because he was also American? Or is the author implying that he was, in fact, better qualified to take the job, on account of being American? Why not just write ‘Qualified English Teacher is rejected ….. ‘ ?

    When I started working in Korea in 2008, stories were rife about teachers losing their jobs for having the wrong accent. I was told that Irish teachers had a particularly hard time of it. Interestingly, I also clearly remember a famous bookstore in Itaewon promoting ‘educational’ titles from US publishers employing scaremonger tactics by telling learners mendacious claptrap about being denied business and educational opportunities unless they learnt to speak English with an American accent. Not all discrimination in Korea originated from Korea….

  • I’m part Korean and Caucasian. I was going to cover for a friend who had to leave on short notice. The thing is when i got to the building I walked in and the staff gave me a confused look. The manager then told me she had to talk to her boss so I sat and waited for about 5 minutes. She then comes back and tells me, “sorry you look too asian, the students’ parents want a white teacher.” They turned me away at the door then the staff scrambled to figure out what theu were going to do with the classes. Instead of having a well qualified native English speaking teacher they’d rather lose instruction time to find another teacher… who was white. That was the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to me… and this was only going to be a temporary deal! By the way this is was the JLS academy in Daegu.

    • I worked at JLS. Don’t. Worst management I have ever experienced.

      I guarantee you they couldn’t find a teacher and hired a temporary Korean teacher for a while. One of the two times I had to take time off (family emergency) they hired a Korean temp. The second time, they had 2 months notice and still pulled the one white guy in human resources at headquarters to teach for a week. And his own work? He had to do that too.

    • That happens in America too, only difference being they don’t flat-out admit it was because they’d rather have had a White Calculus/Physics teacher. They just avoided admitting it especially after they found out I’m a lawyer too. It took me eight months to get rid of the administration and sue the crap out of that place but at the end of the day, the students lost a whole year worth of instruction!

  • Im korean and i feel really shameful about these situtations happening in korea. And its true some koreans are racists, especially when it comes to education and jobs that will be needing in person conversations with the local customer or guests. This is a serious problem..

  • This is widespread throughout Taiwan as well. Ask pretty much any non-white expat teacher in taiwan and they will tell you stories like this.

  • They just prefer white teachers cus they think being White is American, than any other race. I was born in the states, but I’m Korean. I was fired because they found a beautiful blond white girl from California. The definition of what America is to them. Karma kicked them in the butt though.. she turned out to be an immature coc. head that would talk about drugs with the teachers, text and play phone games while teaching class, and would always come late. The owner of the institute called saying they wanted me back, but I declined.

    • >They just prefer white teachers cus they think being White is American

      So one time I (a blonde, blue-eyed Canadian) was hanging out on the beach with my (blonde, blue-eyed) South African friend.

      A guy walks up, and we begin talking. He finds out I’m Canadian, but when he learns my friend is from South Africa, he responds immediately in Korean:

      “Why isn’t she black? Aha, the mud must wash off her body.”
      (흑인 사람 왜 아니야? 아 아! 흙이 몸에 빨래했어?)

      But I gotta say, there are signs that the situation is getting better. Like that show 비정상회담 (Irregular Summit). That wouldn’t have even made it on the air five years ago, but it’s apparently quite popular now.

    • HAHA I agree with Isaac. Just go home or to another country. How desperate are you to work here? What’s so special besides the easy money and pretty woman? Don’t say I like the food and culture derp derp… Korea doesn’t owe anyone a job. Companies don’t have to explain or feel bad for not hiring a black, old, handicapped, male, or whatever type of person. They are running a business first not a charity. If you want affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws, then back to the USA you go. If I was running a hagwon, I wouldn’t hire the guy either just based on his LOOKS. That’s life. You got to get in where you fit in and nobody owes you anything. Hopefully he finds a job so he can stop his whining and blaming whites for not getting hired in Korea lmao can’t escape this white privilage bs no matter what country you’re in nowadays..

      • But you’re missing the point. It’s not that Korea owes anyone a job. It’s that this racist ideology is wrong, period. It’s not just wrong when black people are native to your country, or whatever. And Koreans don’t get excused for being racist just because, for the most part, only ethnic Koreans legitimately live there (without being expats of some sort). It’s REALLY tiring how racist Koreans are and how so many Koreans make excuses for their racism. REALLY tiring. The “We don’t have to accept you, lol” attitude is sick, childish, and disgusting, to be completely honest. And what’s even worse is that there ARE black Koreans who were born and raised in Korea and legitimately face these types of discrimination DAILY, who don’t have “home countries” to go back to because they and their whole family (that they know) are from Korea.
        You are part of the problem “Uncle” Kim. You are one of the racist, anti-black Koreans that excuse this behavior or think it’s okay. It’s NOT okay. Your attitude is not okay.
        The point is that PEOPLE should be judged on their merits, not the color of their skin or the texture of their hair. That we’re all HUMANS and deserve to be treated as such. Yes, EVEN IN HOMOGENOUS COUNTRIES LIKE KOREA. Treating someone different because they look different is sick, period. And Korea is really bad for that. Worse than most countries.
        The point is that hiring white people over black people simply because “we want a white person” or a “real American” as I’ve heard some hagwons put it, is wrong and should be illegal. Period.
        And who cares why people want to teach in Korea? People have different reasons for wanting to teach in other countries. And no, it’s not always about boning women (who don’t belong to you, anyway, and it’s completely up to them who they bone in the first place, so stop bringing bs like that up.) What if he’s gay? Or asexual? Or already has a significant other? Stop pretending these practices are justified just because “they only want to bone pretty Korean women anyway.” That’s the biggest load of cow manure …

      • let me see, you Koreans coming to US for job, and when we reject you becuz you are asian, then come and reread your comment and think about what you wrote

  • Korea is all about image…when you realize that, everything explains itself.

    It sucks, but Korean society doesn’t care because it’s not an obvious problem and most of them are too busy trying to out-compete one another to have time to notice how it’s destructive long term.

  • Asian people are fucking stupid, there I said it. I m so tired of this ‘asians are smart’ nonsense cause they can do math, I can do math better than most asians I ve ever met. If Asians are so smart why do they make stupid mistakes like this? Think about the Irish girl for second, they won’t hire even though the last teacher who worked for them was named O’Reilly and from Boston Mass. For the black kid who did not get a his job, this isn’t a case of ‘white privilege’ in fact it proves non white people can be racist. This shows even it s own terms that the notion of only whites being racist is flawed. ‘Power + Prejudice = Racism’ is not the definition of racism.

    • I for the sake of me cannot figure out this white people are racist thing either. Besides Russia and East europe, most whites are dealing with their racist. And what I mean by that, is if a white person is caught making racial slurs in the USA, its typically other whites who will fire and punish the white person often before any minorities even know. And that is the way it should be. You can’t stop racism before it happens but it is how you respond that matters.

      Koreans and Japanese and the other Asians are at the stage where the best response to racism they have is knock it off, foreigners are watching or may be watching and might judge us badly. They don’t even get that racism is morally wrong even when they DO respond to racism. Which is very rare in and of itself because they typically say get over it, it was a long time ago etc.

      Koreans still think it is funny to openly racial slur people.

  • In Korea you can be too fat, too old, too dark (like Sean), too ugly, too … too… too ‘different’ from what they have in mind for a teacher. We used to joke that their ideal teacher is a 25 year old female (blond, of course!) Canadian with a M.Ed. and 10 years teaching experience (i.e., an impossible combination). Koreans more than other nations tend to hire by looks – and then complain mightily when their youthful, attractive (and white! and preferably blond!) teachers (whose references they never checked) don’t pass muster in the classroom. I taught in Korea for 7 LONG years – don’t miss it at all, though I liked my students fine. During my first week at my first job I was asked to take ten years off my age and dye my hair blond. Sheesh!

    • You can dye your hair blonde but you can’t dye your SKIN white. (The chemicals that do it are prohibitively expensive and corrosive.)

  • In South Africa it’s reversed these days – they’re very blatant about telling you that you can’t have the job because you’re white.

    • Yeah but you’re neglecting to mention that little Apartheid thing… I’m not saying the policy of BEE is right or wrong, but the context is completely different and your comment here is irrelevant

  • Yea I don’t think Koreans treat Whites that much better though, its not really “privilege” its exoticism. If you’re white but don’t fit that Blonde Hair Blue Eyed look well then you’ll be treated like any other foreigner, but if you do you’re a Unicorn so…yea.

  • Koreans for far too long have practiced racism and xenonphobia, a low scale global boycott of Korean goods are in practice and needs to be intensified. As for reverse apartheid, you reap what you sow ! ! !

  • I know that national trait of Korean. There is much racial discrimination in Korea. They look down upon African Americans and Southeast Asians. I am not sure why it’s so. Because many of them probably also suffered from an inferiority complex. And they are too proud and haughty. Arrogant Koreans are specialists for neglect the weak and bully the weak.

  • Mmmm…I think that the problem is, most people that hire these teachers are private academies and these private academies are not actually influenced by the academy directors but the demands of the mothers (i.e. customers). You can’t blame people who were born in the 60s and 70s who have been indoctrined to stereotypes, you can’t demand them to change, and you can’t blame these schools for not wanting to lose business.

    I do understand his pains. I’m also a Korean American and have been rejected to English teaching institutions because I was essentially “yellow”. The principle behind the academies or schools are not flawed, it is the customers who have a flawed perception. However, the idea here is, you have to blame the inherent nature of “black” discrimination for the past few centuries that has caused all of this. You can’t blame the academies or schools for not wanting to lose money and you can’t blame Korean parents who have these stereotypes when the US (which is more liberal in many ways including treatment of different ethnicities) can’t even root out stereotypes and discrimination.

    I know it sucks to be discriminated against (I was an Asian going through elementary middle and high school in Alabama….if you can imagine that) but the rejection isn’t due to racism, it’s due to business.

    I’ve read some of these comments but there is no need to insult Korea. I feel that it is neither unethical nor racist at the point where the school hires a teacher. I mean come on, how many of you make such demands or outcries about Hooters who hire specifically female (and only those which the manager thinks is pretty) servers? There’s nothing wrong here.

    • I was born in the 60’s and let me tell you, I’ve been hit with way more racism and crap from people born in the 90’s. Don’t blame this on MY generation!

  • The fact is that most black people are dishonest people and prisons in the Us are filled of these people. Don’t be surprise that koreans don’t want to hire gangsters.

  • I teach English in places native speakers don’t want to go (outside of Seoul, where commuting is tedious and intermediate korean is necessary for survival). In those places, they don’t care if we are black, latino (my case), fat, or from Mars. They just want a foreigner face to let the kids get used to us. You are looking in the wrong places my friend. Korea is xenophobic and ignorant, as many other Asian countries. We can’t blame them until we know the whys. 70 years ago it was wrong for a black to be seated next to a white dude in a bus, or latinos couldn’t get a nice job position because the last name was not a white one. 60 years ago Korea was full of Japanese soldiers, then war stuff and development happened. It took more than 480 years to make United States kinda “equal” to come here and pretend this shit is the same. I do condemn these actions obviously, but lets “educate” them, learn the whys and then criticize their ways.

    • Love this!


      The fact is that there is nowhere the black man can go where he belongs and can get fair treatment. You just have to choose where you’re willing to stand up and be the example that isn’t in the media.

        • Lol… have you been to Africa? You know there are many different countries in Africa right? And that discrimination exists in many, if not all, of them?

          • They won’t get discriminated because they’re black. At least not in predominately black countries, which is most countries in Africa. So shush.

          • Right, since you seem to know so much about Africa. I’m South African. My country is predominantly black. Yet black people are in fact discriminated against in a BIG way. Have you heard of apartheid? Nope? Also, Redpole stated that there is nowhere black men can get fair treatment. You claimed that they can in Africa and the Caribbean. Now think carefully about what you wrote there before you tell people to shush. You didn’t say “discrimination because they’re black” (which I just demonstrated DOES occur in a predominantly black country in AFRICA), you said “In… Africa black men can get fair treatment”. Your statement is unfounded, and judging by the way you responded, is exactly that kind of nonsense that people who have never lived in Africa keep spouting. So go on, tell me more about what you know about fair treatment of black men in Africa. Do keep digging holes…

          • Yes, I’m well aware of South Africa and its history, but aside from South Africa, which other sub-saharan African country would a black man face discrimination for being black? So go suck on it.

          • Clearly you aren’t reading as thoroughly as you should. Firstly, let me name another sub-saharan country for you- Namibia. Go do some research before you tout nonsense to everyone here.

            Oh and secondly, read what YOU wrote: “In the Caribbean and Africa black men can get fair treatment.” In your statement you said that black men can get fair treatment in Africa. That is simply not true. I was merely pointing that out. So, I’ve ‘sucked on it’ and realised that you’re clearly not very historically or geographically aware. Wake up

      • Yeah you are right. I’m not against standing up, I’m against of all the stupid ass comments in this article. My best friend lives here in Korea like any other, he hasn’t had that many discrimination, aside from the one all the foreigners receive, not targeted to him specifically cos he’s black. He was having harder time in his hometown (US). He’s happy here and is not planning to move any time soon. I haven’t had discrimination either, like I said, just the one any foreigner will receive in a very particular country like this.

  • Koreans fixate on a very superficial culture. It’s blatantly obvious from the unfathomable numbers of plastic surgeries that people undergo. It’s a part of the culture in that country.

    Yes, it is very wrong from Western culture’s point of view. However, this is what Korea has been doing for years, and probably will continue to do – judge everyone and everything by how they appear. Just have to accept that fact, and hope for the best.

  • I have a great place in my heart for Korea and Korean people. However, the international reputation that is beginning to form is truly sad, and contradicts the time, energy and money that is going in to learning English for the purpose of creating stronger building blocks to be international business leaders, among other things. When the reputation falls, so does the economy. In this way, the schools’ discriminatory hiring strategies, which then teaches the learners’ themselves that it’s okay to discriminate, may be, in the long run, a devastation to their society. My message for KOREANS: FIGHT IT.

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    he was the dumbass that got exposed to a brain-eating fungus and cost the insurance a HUGE total!!!!

    fucking American niggers expecting life to be the same in every other country…..

    go back and flip burgers, coon. you’re not wanted in Asia.

  • this is the same negro who had some sort of brain infection and cost the country MILLIONS of won in unpaid hospital bills for months.

    very AMERICAN to expect to be welcomed with open arms for a teaching position where you are an obvious liability.

  • isn’t this the same sean jones with the brain disease that ended up costing the hosptal and Korea millions and millions of won in care with no visible way to pay it back?

    and he wants to come back to the country…. those people…..

  • I disagree with Sean and the article. Company’s should have the legal right to offer what students and customers want. The discrimation is clearly wrong and that is the Korean public people’s problem. Also a big problem in Japan but maybe not as direct. I think the company shouldn’t be responsible for changing or forcing students to learn from a teacher they are uncomfortable with or scare of. There are bigger more culturally complicated steps that need to be taken to solve discrimation in Asia. Discrimation in Asia extends to anyone who is not native to that country. My wife is third generation Korean born in Japan and has dealt with a similar form of discrimination. Japan born Koreans can experience school and job issues (if they find out they are actually Korean). It goes even further to discrimation of family names that negative history. There is a much deeper and complicated discrimation history.

  • fact left out of the story is that this was the guy with the BRAIN INFECTION a few months back.

    Immigration rejects people for scoleosis and other minor health problems. is the guy with a history of brain infections high on their list?

  • I don’t understand why you went back to South Korea. When you came down with an illness while over there, they stopped caring and treating because you owed the Hospital money. They wouldn’t let you return to America until you paid your Hospital Bill and the hospital stopped providing medical services and treatment. Your family went through alot to raise money to bring you back to America. The didn’t care if you lived or died. Why are you surprised at the treatment you are getting now??


  • I’m in Japan and three days a week, I work in elementary schools. There are enough black people in my agency doing the same job.

    A lot of the kids are shy or afraid of foreigners, because they don’t see any in their everyday life. Part of my job is teaching them English and part of it is getting them used to the feeling that the world is bigger than Japan and people who look different are still people.

    If you want to combat racism, put foreign faces in schools and the kids get it. Saying “We can’t employ them because our children are too shy and afraid of foreigners” is just plain stupid. That’s the best reason you need to employ them.

  • “There has to be help from Korean’s to change this practice.” <- That's the problem. They don't want to. Same in Japan, and a lot of other Asian nations. They don't care about discrimination, it's an accepted part of life, and only those discriminated against complain about it. It's a leap backwards in human rights, but it's just so prevalent and -accepted- in these nations that it boggles the freakin' mind.

  • Ignorance is racism. If they were educated they wouldn’t treat foreigners this way. They would actually understand that we mostly come out of our on will. We’re not here to colonize anything. Opening up to that will help them in a good way. But again some foreigners need to stop acting like fools sometime cuz it affects every one of us.

  • But then again, EPIK is hiring many ethnicities, as are many Hagwons and Univerisities, and I say this after over 10 years in Korea. Racism is abhorible everywhere. It exists in Korea. But please, just because American or British or South African employers don’t send a text saying your race wasn’t the reason you weren’t hired, does that mean it wasn’t?!?! Yes, there are ignorant people anywhere, and ask any Korean and they’ll tell you they faced discrimination because of age, weight, gender. . . but do you honestly think this is Korean?! The applicant may have travelled and not seen racism (give us your money and you can stay/eat here is pretty universal)? I’ve witnessed racism all over the world, in over 50 countries (many of which I could speak the language). Wanna make Korea better? Keep trying and get here and teach people! Wanna make it worse, give up, use your experience as the be-all-end-all and give up.

  • Racism is bad. Discrimination is bad. You’d THINK this would be something the entire world could agree upon. But some people are incomprehensibly stupid.

  • Education is a business. People forget that sometimes. If parents want a white face, give them a white face. The owner of this schools livelihood is at stake. All his money and effort is put into this and meeting parents expectations is an important objective. Is it fair? I don’t know. I’m not the arbiter of fairness. Neither is anyone else reading this.

  • I am Korean-American male in my thirties and in recent years was hired on as a Native English Speaker in Korea. I taught there for two years and was asked to stay on for a third year. I also knew a Korean British and Korean Canadian who were in my orientation class. So, I know they definitely hire Korean gypos. Guess it depends on the organization though I went through the public school system. Private hagwons might be more discriminatory.

    • Yeah, it’s really the hagwons that are the problem because as some people have pointed out, the market realities are such that, parents want their kids to learn English from a young, white American.

      Public school gigs are much better all around, but not as many available.

  • he also had a brain-infection that landed him in the hospital for MONTHS and had to return to America…. info NOT included in the story……

    and do they really need a ghetto thug in Korea? one more??

    • Because prior illness is irrelevant to his ability to teach since he’s fully recovered. The US gov’t provided temporary financial aid to cover his Korean hospital bills so he could be released to return to the US for treatment.

      Given the poor job market, it’s entirely possible that he came back so he could get a job to help pay back the financial aid he received.

      Lastly, most of those “ghetto thugs” are there to prevent the invasion of S. Korea by the North Korea backed by China.

      S. Korea PAYS for those “thugs” to be stationed there and continues to pay despite the population not liking it. Think about that.

      They are there to risk death for the defense of the S. Koreans.

      • don’t drag foreign policy into this….

        and what hagwon WOULD want such a risk?

        Negroes are the LEAST wanted hagwon teachers. that is a scientific FACT!!!!

        • That is a fact, and is the whole point of this article is to decry that fact.

          You brought foreign policy into this because the vast majority of those “thugs” didn’t ask to be stationed in Korea and would undoubtedly rather be closer to their families.

          • i was talking of the thugs in the hagwons. youre the one who applied it to the US military.

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          • Most of the whores are Philippina “juicy” girls apparently, not local Koreans.

            There are very few “thugs” in hagwons. In my many years in Korea, I’ve met only a handful of black guys working as English teachers there.

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  • We have no problems here at the Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village, with teachers from all over the world and many different ethnic backgrounds. We currently have 8 African-American teachers, and have had Korean-American teachers as well as Canadians, Brits, Irish, Australian, New Zealander and South African teachers. Of course, we are more of a camp rather than a school, but the kids learn all about diversity and the multi-cultural make-up of many Western societies.

  • Wow. I have noticed some overtly racist comments on here coming from Korean. Worse yet I know for a fact some of these folks work as recruiters for ESL teaching job in Korea like Isaac Kim from the School of ROK. SMH

  • In Korea, they discriminate about everything and they do it to their own nationals as well. In the English teaching profession in South Korea, you will be discriminated for color, gender, and even age. There are many ads stating they want North American females and they want them to be less then 35. Many ads state they do not want gypos, a name used to identify Koreans who lived in another country.
    For gypos, they are limited in which jobs they can have and the jobs they are offered have less benefits. Many schools who do not want to pay benefits will put ads up stating they want “F-4” visa holders. I feel for Sean. It will take more time for this behavior to fade away from Korean culture. I hope more articles are written to highlight the wrong in Korean society, so it can be correct.

  • Interesting. Anywhere there’s difference, therefore preference exists. I’m Korean living in NY. I have seen much more of cases where blacks discriminated Asian than whites do in even disgusting joking not just hiring. Shops run by blacks don’t hire Asian. I have seen virtually none.

    • Here’s the thing. Yes, entities run by blacks won’t hire Asians but there are WAY MORE entities run by Asians, run by Whites, run by Latinos, etc, refusing to hire blacks in the world. I haven’t seen too many entities “run by blacks” anywhere I’ve gone so I haven’t noticed it as a widespread “problem.” WAY more often it’s that blacks are having to try to get hired by white-run or Asian-run entities and that’s why the widespread problem. And now that I think about what few entities I have seen “run by blacks” you probably would want to steer clear of them anyway; they’re so mismanaged and corrupt that it’s no wonder there aren’t very many of them outside of majority-black ghetto areas.

  • I saw someone posted the text message of an Irish teacher in Korea who was looking for ESL teacher position. The reply from the school (he claimed..the text is genuine.) was ‘sorry, Irish has alcoholism’. I think I found it. http://www.dogdrip.net/index.php?_filter=search&mid=userdog&search_target=title&search_keyword=%EC%95%84%EC%9D%B4%EB%93%A4&m=0&page=2&document_srl=59917696

    So, StrictlyJesus, don’t get sad. It might be the culture there. I was shocked by the ignorant Americans when I came in NY with all kinds of discrimination. There’s something just happens which you can’t change, but try not to blame the part of worst sides which extends to another level making the whole ugly.

  • Korea is out of control with the discrimination. I’ve been rejected from an (empty, small-town) club simply on the basis of being foreign. I’ve seen jobs advertised as open only to white women, or gyopos (korean heritage), but offering applicants with korean heritage a lower pay. Other racial groups not even considered. But they would happily hire a pretty young white woman with zero experience over an older black man with 20 years teaching experience– pretty much every time. People here aren’t mean spirited, just ignorant– they have certain conceptions of other racial groups, and because they never interact with these people, those conceptions are never challenged.

  • True of False? I would suggest to interview this man and the Irish lady together to find out if the text messages of the two cases are true. I have worked in ESL schools in the past in Korea, I doubt they actually send this racial comments through text message;
    One for ‘because of Alchoholism of Irishes’, one for ‘because you’re black’. English schools are probably the entities most open to different culture and people from there, why would they send this to candidates leaving the evidence while understand it might create such problem.

    I suggest formal investigations about these two cases by Korean police. This is crime even in Korea. Racial discrimination and harassment has to be investigated for the two cases by Korean police. First, police has to tell the public if the two text messages were really sent by the perspective employers.

    Until then, how would you,readers think such cases true and blame the rest?

    • Sending denials of employments using smart phones? I haven’t seen in my 3 years working part-time in 4 ESL schools in Korea.

  • Also, when I worked in the ESL schools, they are shy hiring English, especially Scottish because their accents as well. Most of students were at grades under middle schools at my schools, so their parents wanted their kids used to American accents. But they also wanted accents of whites. I have experienced some black teachers having very strong accents of American blacks and sometimes used slang. So the schools received complaints form their parents and had to change teachers. Is this racial discrimination or preference by customers who pay fees?

  • So true. I’ve seen websites hiring teachers who is required to be an american citizen that lived in such countries as US &CANADA. It’s so sad that they think only white people can speak english and judge people based on their looks or what country they came from. Koreans are judgemental today with the looks because of plastic surgery hahaha they think people are perfect like them.

  • It is possible that work can be a person of color, that bad… I knew that Koreans are racist, we can not cover the Sun with a finger…

  • Sorry to hear about that Sean. I worked in Korea before and discrimination of every kind exists for native speaking English teachers, Black, White or Asian. However, it’s particularly galling and shocking when one is told like you were, that you weren’t even considered because of your skin colour.
    I love vacationing in Korea but I will never work there again. I met some great Koreans and had some lovely students but what I went through at the hands of Korean recruiters because of my age to actually get a job has made me quit trying to find a job there again.
    I have more than 12 years of teaching English in Asia and worked at college in my home country as well as big name companies and other high level positions in Japan.
    I worked successfully in Korea for 3 yrs but having gone through Korean recruiters offering me jobs in one location and then telling me ‘No, that job has been filled but I have another you can have’ (it’s known as ‘switch and bait’) and of course that job is in the really isolated areas of Korea, as well as other lies and rude statements like ‘You are too old and Koreans don’t like older foreigners especially women’ I will never bother again.
    I suggest you try the JET program in Japan. This is a government program that recruits English teachers from the USA and other western countries.
    If you can’t get into JET respond to job ads from Japan directly. There are few recruiters in Japan – the schools prefer direct hire and you do not need to undergo the disrespect and lies that are normal for Korean recruiters to engage in.
    And why spend all the money (in my case it was 300 bucks) for criminal background checks and certified degree copies BEFORE a Korean recruiter or employer will even consider discussing a job with you?
    Forget Korea – the way the English education hiring process is set up there it is demeaning and often toxic because of the over-representation of rotten recruiters and employers with bad attitudes to skin colour, age, nationality, gender, etc, etc.
    You could even try China. Good luck Sean.

  • I’m sorry, but the only professional photos he has are him with ear studs and a jersey? And that’s the only professional email he has, “strictlyjesus20”? And big whoop he has a TEFL certificate. I wouldn’t hire him just based on that, black, white, or purple.

  • I am Korean and black, graduated with honors with a Masters degree, speak three languages including Korean, and taught at a prestigious private school for a year. When I decided I wanted to teach abroad, I registered with a recruiter and received offers from all over the globe. I really wanted to teach in Korea because I have family there who I would like to get to know. I was told that although I look Korean, my skin is too dark and the children might be confused by it. I finally realized why my parents never took me there to visit although we’ve travelled to other Asian countries. I identify as black, but I am often mistaken for Hawaiian or Latino because of my fair skin. After this revelation, I fear I am now not dark enough to be black and too dark to be Korean. This has all been very disappointing, but unfortunately it’s the children of Korea who are missing out on an awesome opportunity to meet, learn and grow with smart, creative and loving multicultural teachers. In my view, Korea has benefitted greatly from its adoption of (I’m being generous not to use the words copy or steal) American hip hop culture; music, dance, clothing, swagga. So many of the kpop entertainers mimic black artists. So black Americans can influence pop culture but not teach in the classroom? Why is that? To dig even deeper, this collective Korean thinking that there is only one face of beauty is very Hollywood-alien-one-pod-brain-controlling-all-minds kind of weird. Who says the only face that can be viewed as beautiful must be white, small, pair shaped, with double eye lids and half moon shaped eyes? My guess is the Association of Plastic Surgeons as they are clearly the ones who have gotten rich from this one face is beautiful thinking. I want to embrace my Korean half, but the more I learn about it, the more disconnected I feel. The racism seems to be high on the list of what Korea is known for. As for teaching abroad, I will be leaving for China in a few months. I was offered a private teaching job with a family with three boys. Great house, great salary, and no foolish hangups about my skin color. I’ve spoken to the parents, yes I also speak Chinese, and they are super excited, even more so after seeing my picture. I won’t go to a place where I am not wanted or where I may be uncomfortable. Korea may only be a tiny peninsula, but it definitely has lots of room to grow!

  • Would you hire guy who don’t pay his hospital bill ?

    Oklahoma native(Sean Jones )returns home after becoming sick in South Korea

    Well-wishers helped pay the medical bills after Sean Jones was diagnosed with encephalitis.

    BY LAURA-CLAIRE CORSON • Modified: September 20, 2013 at 8:41 pm • Published: September 21, 2013

    SEOUL, South Korea — It’s been a long journey home for Sean Jones.

    Jones moved from Oklahoma City to teach English in South Korea, where he was diagnosed in the spring with a rare type of encephalitis. After months of medical treatment he finally made it to St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa on Sept. 9 and hoped to leave the hospital this weekend, said his mother, LaTanya Dodd.

    Photo – Sean Jones leaves the hospital in South Korea after months of treatment for encephalitis. PHOTO PROVIDED PROVIDED

    Sean Jones leaves the hospital in South Korea after months of treatment for encephalitis. PHOTO PROVIDED PROVIDED

    Jones, 29, has anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a brain disease that can be confused with psychological disorders, and wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital in South Korea until his bill was paid in full. He and his brother paid the hospital $10,000 soon after he was admitted, but as his illness lingered the bill climbed to $47,000.

    Most yearlong teaching contracts in South Korea offer medical care based on the country’s national health insurance with the employee sharing the cost. But when Jones became too sick to teach, the school had to terminate his contract, Dodd said.

    Fundraising efforts

    Much of the money to pay his hospital bill came from donations via fundraisers on Facebook and GiveForward.com set up by his family. Dodd said one person came up to her on the street and handed her 200,000 South Korean won (about $184).

    “It restored my belief in humanity,” Dodd said. “People will help.”

    Others sponsored fundraising events such as raffles, soccer tournaments, parties and quiz nights.

    Kholo Matsafu said she became friends with Jones after they met as teachers in Cheonan during his first year on the Korean Peninsula.

    After they moved to different towns she lost touch until hearing about his illness.

    Within a few days, Matsafu and Melissa Hanson pulled together a performing group, including people who belly-danced, sang, and performed stand-up comedy and storytelling.

    It included B-boying, also known as break dancing, which Jones loved to do before he got sick, she said.

    “People just gave. It was incredible,” Matsafu said.

    In one night at a bar in Seoul, people donated more than 1,200,000 won (about $1,170), and the money was given to Dodd the next day.

  • For those Koreans who are like this, I say ban them from all western countries. They expect people to cater to them outside their country but treat people like shit in their country? Come on……

  • This just sucks man. I’m Korean Canadian living in Vancouver, and this is a real pity to my blood country to hear this. I fuckin’ hope my country grows the fuk up and learns. Idiots.

  • Honestly, Korean are very racist (in korea) not all of course, but in general they are,
    im writing this about other friends experience. i dont know why that is the most ridiculous~ xD

  • Korea is always discriminatory under different garbs–they lack true culture of proper educational standards. Being a professor, I feel and experience.

  • The isolation of foreigners in the workplace is common and many foreigners reported that many times. Xenophobia is quite common. Foreigners are just show case here, rather than being assimilated as part of the society. Is that true education? Is that true literacy? May be, they are OECD and literacy rate is above 90%, but true essence of education is lacking in most of the cases when it comes to ‘aliens’ or way–e-guk’.

  • Why do Americans always feel like the world needs to conform to the way american’s think?

    America is it’s own country, it does what makes sense for America. You can’t force other countries to conform to your beliefs and thinking “just because” you are used to it. Get over it, = rights is just some idealistic thing in the US. The rest of the world is different and you must accept it. The US is always trying to force its beliefs on the world…christianity, democracy, = rights….etc…etc… what’s the point? if that country isn’t threatening you with the way they like to run, then don’t bother. Its like me showing up at your house and forcing you to arrange your furniture the way I like it and saying you are stupid for arranging the furniture your way.

  • My people are pathetic!!! That is their infrastructure!! Don’t try to guilt them into hiring you. Go to Africa or a black community and teach. Build our own infrastructure then we will have that kind of power to choose who we want to eff with. Every group on this planet knows how this ish works. No not us we act like the jilted girlfriend who doesn’t get it. The world is tribal at the end of the day. They wm they hired got a pass because he is attached to a powerful tribe. Geesh.

  • I am Ali Hamza Mahamat.
    from Republic of Chad
    I am sorry to say this word but generally ASIAN peoples doesn’t like black men starting from China, Korea, India and other Asian Countries even Arab side.
    what i am wondering is what is the problem of been black, no body create him self, is God create and want us to be like this.
    the one who create us didn’t hate us why you brother Mr. white or Yellow i can say you hate black.
    I am black and i am proud of been black

    • You don’t have to explain nothing to anybody brotha. Lets stop doing that !! We don’t need their validation.

  • Wow! So, this is the result of the world painting the black man as ignorant and incompetent. This not only happens in Korea, it has happened in Egypt with my husband who might I add is an African American. He was told by employers that they would prefer a white man in the display class (class with glass windows) because they wanted incoming students to see a white face. Its called white privilege and it’s a universal method of using white people to make companies appear more western or “white”, whatever that means. White people get used and in return receive a job over counterparta and a better salary. Everyone wins except for those considered Invaluable.

  • problem is, Koreans are close minded. they don’t welcome any other culture because they are afraid of being invaded. I was an English teacher but when they knew that I’m a Filipino, they treated me as a servant. NOT A DAMN TEACHER.

  • Fuck Black People, they only speak Ebonics.
    Can’t understand half the shit black people say anyways, also half the shit they spew is “nigger” this “nigger” that anyways….
    Either way, Blacks are at the bottom of the totem pole in the US…

  • Fvck Asia. Chinese, Koreans all racists pieces of sh#t. The problem is they are not racist because of who they are, its because of what their gods are. White skin worship.

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