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Bangladesh arrests four for Italian aid worker’s murder

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Bangladesh arrests four for Italian aid worker’s murder

Last month, Cesare Tavella, an Italian aid worker in Bangladesh was out jogging, when a motorcycle came up along side him and gunned him down. It was the first of two high-profile attacks that some linked to ISIS, since the group claimed responsibility online.

Bangladeshi authorities always rejected that claim, and now have the proof to back it up. Officials have arrested four suspects in connection to the killing and say they’ve all confessed.

Bangladeshi authorities say domestic Islamist militants along with Islamist political parties – specifically the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its main ally, Jamaat-e-Islami – of orchestrating the violence to destabilize the country.

Police say the group of four were told by a “big brother” to kill a white aid worker to create chaos. Based on this report, Travella wasn’t a specific target, but simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The arrests are said to be a major breakthrough, but authorities acknowledge there’s still a lot left to do. They’re currently planning to interrogate the men further, with the court’s permission.

Bangladesh is still reeling from the death of several secular bloggers and the violence the surrounding those incidents. Prime Minister Hasnia has adopted a “zero tolerance” stance towards terrorists and is actively trying to stamp out militants and organizations supporting extremism.

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