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Bobby Kim accused of sexual harassment and flight disturbance

Bobby Kim
Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

Bobby Kim, a renowned singer-songwriter, is facing charges of sexually harassing a flight attendant and creating a disturbance while drunk on a flight from Korea to the United States, YTN reported Friday.

The incident reportedly took place on a Korean Air plane at 4:49 p.m. Wednesday during a flight from Incheon to San Francisco.

“Bobby Kim was drunk and started to shout loudly and cause a disturbance after about five hours of flight,” Kim Dae-geun, a reporter was quoted as saying.

The reporter claims that Bobby Kim sexually harassed a female flight attendant by wrapping an arm around her waist and the disturbance lasted for about an hour.

Korean Air filed a complaint to authorities against the Korean-American singer.

The FBI and immigration officers questioned him about his alleged sexual harassment and flight disturbance upon the arrival.

He will likely face criminal charges in the United States. Though Bobby Kim is an American citizen, he can also be charged with sexual harassment in Korea as well. 

Bobby Kim’s agency said in a statement that the singer was upset because he was given an Economy Class seat, even though he booked for a Business Class one.

The agency claims that Bobby Kim belatedly realized that he was mistakenly given an Economy Class seat but flight attendants refused to change his seats.

And the Korean Air said that Bobby Kim assumed that he upgraded the seat by using his milage before the arrival at the airport, but his milage was not enough for the upgrade.

Bobby will stop appearing in television shows, including the TV Art Stage, and is expected to return to Korea for police questioning.

A witness claims that the Korean Air flight attendants kept serving him wines and could not properly handle the situation when he became drunk,

He said Bobby Kim swore in English and made inappropriate remarks to female attendants.


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