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Club in Seoul bans entry to foreigners over fears of MERS

Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

An upscale nightclub in Itaewon, Seoul, has stopped accepting foreign customers over the past two weeks in fears of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), a virus that has taken lives of 33 people in South Korea, the owner of the club said Wednesday.

Kim Jong-hyun, owner of Lounge & Club Move contacted The Korea Observer and requested that we remove an article that we published a day earlier as he believes it implies the club has a racist policy in place.

“We absolutely don’t accept foreigners because of MERS,” said Kim. “Above all, Korean people don’t want them. This is Korea, isn’t it?”

When asked whether he is aware that South Korea has the largest number of MERS cases in the world after Saudi Arabia, he answered that the figures and facts are not important as the majority of his Korean customers believe foreigners are more likely to have been infected with the deadly virus.

“I understand what you are trying to say. But Koreans do not think that way,” he said. “Close friends and regular customers tell me that they are scared of coming to Itaewon because of foreigners,” he said.

To date, none of the MERS related deaths in Korea have been foreigners and there has been no reports of foreigners contracting the virus.

Kim said he had to take the drastic measure because the number of customers dwindled following the outbreak of MERS.

“The number of customers has dropped by 50 percent. We are now in a very desperate situation,” Kim said.

He argued that the club’s manager Lee Su-bin failed to mention MERS when he conducted an interview with The Korea Observer earlier this week for the article, “Club in Itaewon denies entry to foreigners, especially those from Middle East.”

John Power, who was denied entry to Lounge & Move Club last Saturday, said MERS was not mentioned when the bouncer rejected his entry. The Irish journalist said that the only explanation he was offered was that foreigners are not allowed.

John denied the offer to rebut the club owner’s explanation.

“The ignorance speaks for itself,” he said.

Club Move’s general manager Lee Su-bin told The Korea Observer Tuesday that the club, located in the tourist district of Itaewon, has denied entry of foreigners since late last year because some irresponsible foreigners had caused serious damage to the club and sexually harassed patrons.

Kim also thinks that foreigners were doing rather more harm than good to his establishment.

“The biggest reason that we deny service to foreigners is MERS but you cannot rule out the fact that they are troublesome,” he said.

“Most of the time when a customer loses a cellphone, the CCTV reveals that the thieves are Middle Eastern people or foreigners.”

Kim agreed with his manager Lee’s statement that the club has been hesitant to have foreign customers because it is hard to make them liable when they cause property damages, sexually harass customers or start a brawl.

He also stressed that foreign customers frequently start a fight with U.S. servicemen.

“U.S. servicemen don’t behave badly. The problem is other foreign customers who constantly provoke them into a fight,” Kim said.

“It is better not to have them because we lose too much for trying to make a small amount of money from them.”

Kim said he will keep the no “foreigner policy” until fears over MERS subside but some foreigners, including his DJs, will be allowed to enter.

“If anyone catches MERS at our club, we have to close the club. It will be a huge loss to us if we have to shut it down because of accepting a few [foreigners],” he said.

“However, our DJs are foreigners and we cannot stop them and their friends. We will continue to allow some foreigners who our staff have made acquaintances.“

The club received numerous messages via their Facebook page with a couple posting comments on the wall.

“Why do you advertise foreign women if foreigners are forbidden to enter your club?!! That is so hypocritical of you!” said one commenter. “RACIST~!! wonder how u sleep at night! truly disgusting,” said another.

Lounge & Move Club use images of bikini clad Western women in a poster advertising the club without those models consent or knowledge.

Several readers have pointed out the hypocrisy of advertising using a race that they then deny entry to.

In August last year, JR Pub in Itaewon received criticism for denying Africans over fears of Ebola. The bar put a pair of signs that read “We apologize But, Due to Ebola Virus we are not accepting Africans at the moment.”

The bar owner immediately removed the signs and made an apology over the discriminatory policy, saying it was wrong for him to discriminate people based on race.

About the author

Lee Tae-hoon

Lee Tae-hoon

Lee Tae-hoon is publisher at The Korea Observer. He previously worked for the Korea Times and Arirang TV. You can reach him at lee@koreaobserver.com.


  • So…in investigative journalism, when the subject of an article asks you to write another article to explain that they’re not doing what is reported in the original article, does that mean that you didn’t do your job thoroughly in the original article or that you’re simply offering free publicity through “journalism?” I have absolutely no respect for this online “publication;” it’s a tabloid.

    • Strange that you took the time to write that comment Sarah. One might think that you actually read the publication that you seem to have no respect for. Anyhoo… Nowhere else in Korean can you find these types of reports (at least in English) so why the hate?

      • I read articles thoroughly before commenting on them. Publications need feedback in order to improve. As you said: there are few English sources of these stories in Korea. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to accept incomplete reports that fail to ask even the most basic questions. I don’t hate Korean Observer at all, but I definitely don’t consider it journalism let alone the investigative journalism it tries to promote itself as. As for my initial comment, my question is valid. A non-Korean writer wrote the original article; when the owner of the club didn’t like the negative slant, he requested a new article – which was then written by a different writer. That’s not journalism by any definition.

  • I swear… sometimes in South Korea you get a little glimpse that DPRK crazy. S Korea is still about 50 years behind schedule on gender equality, racism. The foreign models thing is funny. S Koreans will spend thousands to have Westernized eyes and breasts, trying to look more Western, but won’t allow the Westerners into the club. (However, he’s not wrong that, if anyone is going to steal something like a cellphone, it’s probably going to be a foreigner. )

    “Above all, the Korean people don’t want them. This is Korea isn’t it?” haha. No buddy, not racist at all.

      • touche. Excluding crazy people and focusing on just general day to day services and office culture, I stand by what I said.

          • Easy, Bob. Who’s downplaying the church shootings? You’re making stuff up. These are two different topics of different severity. I get what you’re saying, but it doesn’t mean that Korea doesn’t have a racism issue. And wherever I happen to have been born doesn’t restrict me from being able to comment on the issues of my current home of Korea, where I’m raising a child and the local issues are more immediately relevant to me than issues back home.

          • You are downplaying the church shootings as “acts of crazy individuals” when clearly it is not an isolated incident. See all the police killings of blacks. Now you get the point. Don’t point the finger to Korea when in reality you are the worst yourselves.

          • You don’t know goddamn shit about how much I’ve ranted about racism and the gun shootings in my own country. Hint: a lot. It’s a different topic and you’re bringing up shit that’s off topic. With a Korean wife and a half Korean daughter, I get to worry about whatever Korean issues I want to worry about. And I don’t need some pissy little shit like Bob Smith telling me otherwise.

            If you want to rant about Dylann Roof on some other article about hate crimes, I will join you over there. It’s entirely possible to be pissed off about multiple problems in the world, of different severity, at the same time.

          • Being married to a Korean doesn’t make you shit. Talk about all Africans married to whites. n

          • except that I live in Korea. And this an article about Korea. Who are you people? What the hell do Dylann Roof and Africans married to whites have to do with Korean clubs denying entry to foreigners?

          • You live in Korea as a foreigner. Nobody gives a shit. You don’t speak Korean either. There is a reason foreigners don’t have voting rights. And talking about how Korea is racist makes you an idiotic foreign hypocrite. Koreans get discriminated in your country every day. Now fuck off you crybitch

          • Yes, there is discrimination in my country. The difference between you and me is that, it’s not me doing the discriminating. It’s other people, and fuck them. But also fuck you because based on your language, you’re part of the problem… you are the racist the article is talking about

          • wasn’t every really crying, buddy. Was more laughing at how ridiculous you and others can be. You guys are cute how mad you get.

            But I’ll tell you this: I would never, ever tell you “go back to your country”, no matter how pissed I was at you. I just don’t believe it that bullshit.

          • Wouldn’t make sense since you are a bunch of white immigrants anyway you racist crybaby.

          • This is true. But thanks to the civil rights act of 1964, those Koreans in the US have a legal recourse. what do foreigners in Korea have? A recommendation by the civil rights commission with no legal authority.

            PS-want me to cite the UN civil rights declarations that the ROK has signed onto that state they are to provide every possible legal route to end discrimination or are we good?

  • And soon you’ll find in other countries : “Sorry, but due to fear of racist people we do not accept Koreans at the moment”… Stop before that people

    • Um, that is the de facto Korean existence abroad. Actually.
      It has been for quite some time now.
      Your “caring” threat is thus toothless.

      Also, people would sell their own grandmothers
      for a bit of cash or cigarettes or flattery or a blowjob.

      If it will brighten your day, I will share a more recent phenomenon of Korean bashing all over the net. I think it has to do with backlash and envy. An innocent post on Korean food garners a storm of hate-filled remarks. Some journo digs into the plastic surgery “expose” always good for a few eyeballs and a laugh, and below it are CALLS TO EXTERMINATE THE ENTIRE KOREAN RACE who are said to be despicable. It’s been hilarious watching how the world SUDDENLY GIVEs SO MUCH SHIITE ABOUT KOREANS when it had previously denied that such a place exists (ignorant) or that it is an enemy of Freedom and Democracy (dramatic) or that Korea-China-same-same is how it is so get with it (patronizing).

      We have not changed that much over the decades, really. Our music, our food, our obsession with fashion and style, etc. Neither has our strategic physical location in our own peninsula. What *has* changed is our per capita income *on paper* and that seems to have changed EVERYTHING overnight after the rest of you heard of it. This too shall pass.

      There was a time when we were dismissed as stupid, primitive, lazy, filthy, hopeless, apathetic, clueless, etc. because we had owned so very little in your reckoning of stuff when you first burst upon our scene, discovering us, so to speak. What a bit of plumbing improvement and stuff ownership have done for our “standing” in your bored eyes, indeed. I hope you move on to Tuvalu or Nepal or some other place real soon, and please leave us to our plastic surgeons and dogmeats and rage-filled lives already.


  • Yet, the person who brought MERS into Korea…. was Korean. Whom are more likely to associate with only other Koreans…. so this stradgey is not only racist but it makes no sense.

      • bobby bobby bobby…..you think some african tgave them MERS to smite them or something. Ppl don’t spread MERS on purpose you dildo. koreans should start by washing their hands after they take a big shit.

          • Bodily fluids my friend. Which btw also comes out of your ass.
            Agreed @ washing hands. No Soap in any of bathrooms in ANY of the clubs I went to this past week in Korea…. Wow the hypocrisy gets deeper…..

          • Michael Dorschner, maybe you should stop having unprotected anal sex with strange men. Washing Hands also doesn’t help much with “normal” influenza. Stop acting as if you know anything about MERS, even WHO doesn’t. Now fuck off to your homeland.

      • He got infected in the Middle East and travelled against medical recommendations. The Korean was the foreigner.
        And 100% of people who spread the virus in Korea were and continue to be Korean..this guy will clearly stoop to any level to make money.

    • Nah, why be different from the rest of the planet?
      What Korea needs to do is to stick to its guns on various things.
      Instead of learning gay-hate from the conservatives and “Christians”.
      Instead of learning negative stereotypes from their “betters” abroad.

      We did alright with our own logic for millennia, until the West imposed itself on us with their superior weapons of mass destruction, and shoved UNEQUAL TREATIES up our “naive” anuses, along with STDS and various illogical caste systems and global bullying system choosing sides according to their whims or short term advantages.

      But they owned more STUFF
      and that means MORAL SUPERIORITY.
      Yup. And they had better guns. Yup.
      And they told yarns of PERFECT WORLDS back home, patronizingly.

      The same missionaries that had held their noses up at Jemulpo embarked from even more disgusting ports from their homelands. The same “educators” that had clucked their heads silly had left countries with as dismal a literacy rate as Korea’s, and in some cases they had outright barred people from learning their letters. The same liberators who had bitched about Korea’s elites vs ssangnom came from worlds fattened on slavery, female chattel, and even had reduced the black soul to some fraction (and these were the nice ones as opposed to those saying they were without souls being animals) … I mean, caste system based on one’s birth … does not get more BASIC and CRUDE than black/white and slave/master, does it?

      Stock soaps in YOUR own clubs.
      Stop GUNNING PEOPLE DOWN in your own neck of the woods.
      Stop treating ethnic people as lepers in your own glorious lands.

  • Dumb man answering in the most dumb manner possible with the dumbest possible excuse! Yes, and you Mr. journalist, I wonder how you would easily accept his bogus claim to publish it, has he paid for it or threatened to unleash one of his gangsters:) Yea it is being fair to give the other party equally a voice but it was his side, the manager, who honestly put out the truth n the owner to save his image and business tries to take back the statements, with a ridiculously silly explanation n you bought that n shared it along ?i have at times applauded the sheer boldness and honesty for being the ONLY news paper worthy of a read that puts out to the public truth, in a society so intent on projecting only positive images, but this one seems a bit out of line, Mr. Lee Tae-hoon. Just because he called to give a fabricated reason, which he eventually admit is not the only reason is an indication that he is just trying to face-save.

  • Considering I was quoted in the original article without my permission and attributed wrong (I said I met one manager twice which apparently makes me “an anonymous source close to management”) the reporting on this story is utter bullshit. Which makes me incredibly suspect on how these interviews are being conducted. Considering these stories only happened because one person (John Power) was denied entry, and he and Tae-hoon are friends, seriously, how is any of this ethical???? Myself and one other foreigner offered an opposing view (we always get in and always saw other foreigners at the club – even after the “ban” was in place) and yet no one cared to talk to us (except to use the one quote in a very long Facebook message that could potentially have been discredited but considering the writer tried to discredit it by looking through facebook pictures rather than actually going to the club himself, I’m calling laziness). Not only that, I spoke with the resident DJ yesterday who saw the first article and had no idea any sort of policy like this was going on and she said that she would rectify the situation as soon as she got back from working at the opening ceremony at the Universiade in Gwangju. I’ve seriously lost all respect for Lee Tae-hoon now that I understand how he operates. You seriously call this an investigation when you yourself have never actually been to the club in question or spoken to people who have been there??????

    • good to know. I tended to believe the story for the most part because I have been denied entry for being a foreigner. Bouncer told my Korean wife and all our Korean friends they could go in, but he wouldn’t let me in. Anyway, sounds like this entire website is full of bullshit

        • I’m sorry your women love us but are too socially oppressed to admit it, in fear of people like you and bouncers slut shaming them. I know it’s hard to get over, but at least we’re not into the creepy aegyo girls who play the role… you’ve still got them and that whole pedophilia thing to hang on to.

          • Don’t worry bitch, the black guys are fucking your women hard. We know that’s the underlying reason for your hate. Ask Dylann.

          • Good for you. As long as you don’t complain about racism like a crybitch. And btw. the high quality Korean women don’t date ugly white trash foreigners nor do they like itaewon. Just look at the celebs.

          • Observing isn’t the same as complaining. You think they’d still be as big a celeb if they married an American? Again, social oppression and demonizing women who betray the race

          • Don’t worry mate. We know you’re all closet homosexuals anyway. You can always relocate to Japan or Thailand.

          • Says the guy whose country’s celebrity males all have dyed hair, lesbian haircuts, and wear eye liner. Sure dude. Seen any Korean soaps lately? Had any trouble telling if some dudes were really dudes?

          • Dude, I am not interested in guys. As long as they don’t marry like in the U.S. Now go make dinner for your husband.

          • Haha you say that like you expect it to be offensive. I’m not a homophobe so I’m afraid your insults aren’t insults. You’ll have to come up with some more nuanced insults to piss me off

          • Also I don’t get it, you’re bitching at me saying “don’t call Korea racist”, but you’re saying the most racist and homophobic shit I’ve ever heard here. So do you mean, “yes we are racists, just deal with it”? If so, I can respect that as long as you’re honest with yourself

          • …a country where even GDragon can’t admit he’s gay. Also last I checked, Korea tightened up rules on spouse visas (F-6) because Korean dudes were “importing” third world wives and often those things were going sour. So don’t act like we are he only ones going to Thailand. I can at least laugh at myself and my country… You don’t seem to be able to do the same

  • As expected, ignorant. Bunch of sheeps with herd mentality…. who think copying western style culture and plastic injected faces makes them the bomb of asia. We’re all more afraid of Koreans due to MERS! Hope your overpriced tourism industry tanks.

  • I think Korean clubs should not be shamed into being foreigner friendly. After all it is Korea, it belongs to Koreans. The fact that so many foreigners think that they are allowed to dictate cultural and political policy to Korea is laughable. If you have a problem with being singled out for your nationality, why not accept the same pay and workload that a Korean teacher does? The basic reality is that foreigners think that Korea should accept them and be grateful. Doesn’t make a lot of sense really, 5,000 years of culture Vs. what? 70 years of a capitalist ideal. I think this whole homo-tastic fever that is gripping people in Korea is the result of total ignorance of the fact that Korea actually has an identity rather than a mongrel concept as pushed by mass media. This is not to be anti-homo, but rather to celebrate the fact that Korea is, or rather should be allowed to carry on ideas that do not relate to 20th century yankee corporate mass marketing bull.

    • “If you have a problem with being singled out for your nationality, why not accept the same pay and workload that a Korean teacher does?”

      Is that your argument, to compare a (minimal, basic human) right to a negotiated, bilateral business deal? …and from there you introduce the red herring of gay rights?

      • Foreigners aren’t Koreans and don’t have the same rights in Korea. It’s the same everywhere. Get over it and stop crying like a little bitch.

        • Funny thing is when you go to countries with proper civil rights legislation and a pervasive culture of acceptance you don’t experience any of this ignorance. So this has nothing to do with rights. It has to do with a deep rooted ignorance. Even the basis from which the club in this article is banning foreigners is baseless. Korea is the country with 33 deaths and 180+ cases . America has 0 cases in this outbreak. American clubs aren’t banning Koreans. WOW.. totally backwards barnyard thinking.

          • “when you go to countries with proper civil rights legislation and a pervasive culture of acceptance you don’t experience any of this ignorance”

            ARE YOU SERIOUS????? (cackling)
            This is news to me, and I’ve been a naturalized citizen of USA
            for several decades now. THE TOTAL BULLSHITT THAT I READ.
            Wow. You really believe this crazy propaganda or yours?
            You need to spend time in black or yellow or brown face, dorker.
            I think you are deeply IGNORANT of the stink on your anus.

          • It’s deep rooted ignorance in Western society to discriminate Blacks, Muslims, Asians. But only Whites are faggot bitches when they are affected. No wonder they are so desperate about homo marriages.

          • Like penicilin and bacteria, this new strain of superbug has bulit up resistance to troll spray.

          • Where is the crying? “Korea is so racist, Korea is so racist” is the crying. Where is the argument? Ask Dylann Roof whether Korea is racist.

    • I sincerely enjoy and respect many aspects of my “home”, as it’s been since 1999, but I offer that I am employed for a very specific skill that a Korean cannot perform, and I do not feel I should be asked for my talent and ostracised for my “failure to be Korean”. I volunteer my time to better Korea freely, I work hard, and I do expect humane treatment, if not courtesy. I could care less if people choose to agree with my cultural norms or not. I have lovely friends here and have had lovely people around me. I have also endured horrific abuse. It was race related, and as recently as today.

    • Btw we are talking about Clubs here right? Pretty sure that falls under the a capitalist genre? Under this “yankee mass marketing bull” that you refer to. Not sure how culturally significant listening to EDM music mostly made by European Djs (and generally just remixed by Korean ones) drinking Vodka, Whisky, Scotch, and Beer mostly made by “foreigners” really is about preserving culture.
      P.s. we are in the 21st century now. Its been 15 years, time to adjust the counter 🙂

    • James: “It’s not racist it’s economic!”

      As it would put their economic decision to the test by filming the rejections and posting them to YouTube.

      I keep posting this as a no-brainer, and think that expats need to take to the next level. It’s taken time for them to even post the occurrences of such on the internet. Now is time for the next step: take out your smartphones and put the economic decision in their faces. If it’s “not racist, it’s economic“, the clubs should appreciate the advertising.

  • “’We absolutely don’t accept foreigners because of MERS’, said Kim.”

    Too funny. I realize Kim’s statement was translated, but the “not… because” construction creates ambiguity.

    “However, our DJs are foreigners and we cannot stop them and their friends. We will continue to allow some foreigners who our staff have made acquaintances.“

    Because their DJs who are foreigners and their friends with whom their staff have made acquaintances have acquired immunity by their DJ or acquaintance status?

    …ummm, if the reason the club’s reason for rejecting foreigners is that its Korean patrons fear contracting MERS through contact with foreigners, wouldn’t their patrons fear going to/being in Itaewon, the most foreigner dense subsection of Korea?

  • I keep posting this: take video and load it up to YouTube. Expats and others then need to provide ‘Likes’ on FB.

    Either the practice is legal and acceptable in Korean culture or it is not. If this is just another example of “acceptable in Korean culture”, then it’s part of the travelogue and will help tourists avoid misunderstand.

      • Even though its a red herring, absolutely I think that blacks should go to YouTube and even CNN with their videos. Oh, wait. They do. Good on them, I say.

        For f@ck’s sake, if I saw blacks abused based on the color of their skin, I’d film and post it myself. Further, I wouldn’t go to a club, restaurant, or establishment that denied entrance to blacks in the U.S. based on the color of their skin.

        …and for the record, I didn’t play Sun City.

  • They have a right to do as they please. It’s their business, they own it, but they’d have to understand how racist they appear. They’d do better (tho not much) if they said “Korean Citizens Only” and ask for I.D.s at the door, because then at least they wouldn’t be judging by looks and they’d even have to allow foreigners who renounced their former citizenship to become a Korean citizen despite their skin color, ethnicity, etc.. Though, in this case, that STILL wouldn’t make sense since a Korean was the one to bring MERS into the country. Therefore, if MERS was just an excuse to discriminate against us rowdy, cheap, asshole foreigners, they at least should post a sign that says “If you fight or harass other patrons within the club, you’ll be asked to leave!” Of course, they’d have to kick out rowdy, cheap, asshole Koreans too. Nuff said. Why is this hard to understand?? It’s damn lazy thinking.

  • Anonymous_Joe. Being allowed in to a club because you are a different colour race or creed is not a basic human right. There are no such things as human rights, they are political constructs which change over the decades. The right of the club owner is to permit or deny entry since it is his business. If Korean people feel better without foreigners around then so be it. At the end of the day most foreigners in Korea are tolerated as they are useful to improve English education or for other economic reasons only. Funny thing is this has been happening since at least 2002 to my knowledge. But that wasn’t in Seoul. I suppose its just that in Uijeongbu there are less foreigners that feel so entitled and so smug about waving their I’m here to improve your country now let me in so I can get drunk and letch at women.

    • James, your comment was and my reply is coincidentally made on July 4. I’ll let Jefferson address your human rights as human construct argument:

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men….”

      (Let me preempt the God objection: Jefferson was not a Christian (beyond label), should more rightly be classified as Deist, and would undoubtedly be an agnostic/atheist if he were born nearly three centuries later.)

  • Is any foreigner diagnosed with MERS so far in South Korea? I do not think so. Then ….. about what are we talking here?

  • He says he banned foreigners because the number of customers has dropped 50% since the onset of MERS. You know what else has kept them away since the onset of MERS….MERS.

  • Hope the club close down soon because of MERS scare. They are using MERS for racist discrimination and the virus should kill their business alas soon as possible.

  • So funny. This just happened to me at 247 Lounge in Busan.
    Totally mind boggling that they are somehow projecting their own outbreak onto other nationalities that don’t
    have a single case of MERS reported. Talk about Denial. This is like that
    Also I was never actually carded to see what my nationality is so pretty much bare boned racism right here.
    And to think my tax dollars are funding the American military support to protect these guys against the North.

    • Why don’t you go back again, get rejected, and then take out your smartphone camera?

      Film it and post to YouTube.

        • It’s about time. I don’t know how many times I have written for people to start the videos rolling.

          Since the practice is not illegal in Korea and appears to be simply another aspect of Korean culture, there’s no harm in the exposure.

          (Contact me. I write at The Marmot’s Hole. Leave a message there. I want to write more about this. I can leave your real name out and maintain credibility if you have video even without your face.)

          • Sure, I think anyone who gets rejected at American clubs on the basis of their race or any other non-salient feature should take out their smartphones, roll the cameras, and post the footage up to YouTube. I think anyone who experience such racism should put the club, business, establishment out for display. From Peoria through Topeka to Pensacola, I will not patronize such clubs.

            Happy, pappy?

            Now do you non-sequitur, tu quoque much?

          • Don’t you think that’d be silly? It’d be more mature to accept that racism exists especially as a white person. Stop the crying

          • I accept that fact that racism exists. I’m not going to contribute to it, and I sure as hell am not going to accept being victimized by it.

            So, let me get this straight: you are on the side of racism, those who perpetuate racism, and perpetuating racism, is that correct?

          • That’s what we call a hypocrite. You do nothing against racism against Koreans but only when you are affected. That’s the reason why nobody gives a shit about you and your silly campaigns.

          • “Sure, I think anyone who gets rejected at American clubs on the basis of their race or any other non-salient feature should take out their smartphones, roll the cameras, and post the footage up to YouTube.”

            That’s what he said previously. Nowhere in that post did he include the disclaimer, “Except Koreans”. You’re a thin-skinned illogical little twat who just wants to stay on the defensive; even if that means hiding behind ridiculous straw men.
            You were called out and you failed miserably.

    • To give the benefit of the doubt to South Korea. Until last night my experience in clubs here has been always good. Both The GRID and The Abyss (in Busan) , which are two large clubs have never given me any problems. Nor has any bar or other establishment. Moreover everyone has been generally nice and accepting. Although I suspect there is probably a whole lot of this “NO FOREIGNERS” policies around once you stray from the mainstream club scene given what I am hearing.
      Perhaps even my level of perceived acceptance by the Korean people is somewhat misguided, because although I have never felt unaccepted until last night, maybe there is an insincerity out there that I am ignorant to . As seems to be evidently portrayed by our friend “BOB SMITH” (aka Korean National).
      Of course like everything, nothing should be generalized, as there are good and bad people in every culture.

  • Racism is so prevalent in South Korea they have their own Wikipedia page about it! WHAT???

    “The United Nations’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was “concerned that the emphasis placed on the ethnic homogeneity of Korea might represent an obstacle to the promotion of understanding, tolerance and friendship among the different ethnic and national groups living on its territory.”[15] Even the United States, an ally of South Korea, has expressed concern over the harsh and ubiquitous nature of South Korean racism, with the U.S. Department of Education releasing a report on the matter in 2009”

  • Hey foreigners, if you don’t like what you read then fuck off to the country you came from or stay away from Korea. We don’t want you murdering, raping, stealing and drug abusing people anyway. I recommend you try Thailand or Japan, they also have much more child porn which you like.

  • For sure racism issues didn’t stop Japan from becoming a developed nation. So Korea should just ignore those foreigners, point fingers to Japan and keep doing what they’re doing.

  • Wow. this is so racist. Ban foreigners? Without foreigners? Do you think Korean’s economy will be doing so well despite only Korean buying the goods in Korea. So brainless statement!

  • South Korea is for South Koreans. If they want to ban foreigners, its their right to do so. However, banning foreigners because of MERS is not good. Racist? They don’t care if it’s racist or not, and racism exists everywhere, perhaps most in the US? When I say racism I mean black people being racist against white people which seems to be the biggest problem. /European

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