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Drug addict arrested after car chase with police

Car chase
Photo: KBS News
Chung Hye-min
Written by Chung Hye-min

Police arrested a 54-year-old man last week after a dangerous high-speed car chase, a spokesman for Yongin Police Station said Thursday.

The driver, identified as Park, called the police while driving his car under the influence of drugs on a highway on January 19. Park claimed that he had a knife and wanted to kill himself.

After receiving the call, the police chased after Park around Giheung-Dongtan Interchange for about 10 kilometers.

Six police cars surrounded Park’s car during the highway pursuit and boxed him in forcing him to stop. Park ran into one of the police cars and injured two policemen while attempting to flee.

He was arrested for drug use and obstruction of justice. Park tested positive to methamphetamines.

The police found one assault weapon, three syringes with 3 grams of meth, 35 empty syringes and a plastic bag with 2 grams of meth inside Park’s car.

A police officer said Park injected meth while parked on the shoulder of the Youngdong high way the day before the car chase.

Park had been convicted numerous times for drug related offenses.

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Chung Hye-min

Chung Hye-min

Chung Hye-min is an intern reporter at the Korea Observer and a junior majoring in history at Dartmouth College. She writes for the student daily newspaper ‘The Dartmouth.” She enjoys writing about campus events on the topic of international affairs. Follow her on Twitter @hannahthechung.

  • Punk Slapper

    Look at the Keystone Cops trying to breach the windshield. That’s stupid. The police found one assault weapon? 10,000 won says, No they didn’t!

  • flyingsword

    Maybe they found a weapon that could used to commit assault, and that could be most anything…knife, club, garden shovel…

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