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Craigslist ad seeks to sell medical marijuana seeds for $100

Screenshot of ad. Seed photo rotated.
James Hyams
Written by James Hyams

A highly irregular post on Craigslist is garnering attention Wednesday as an expat is offering to sell medicinal marijuana seeds in Suwon.

Photo by: O'Dea at WikiCommons, CC3.0. Photo cropped in

Photo by: O’Dea at WikiCommons, CC3.0. Photo cropped in

The person posting the ad writes that they are regularly using cannabis for chronic pain management as a result of a hip dysplasia condition developed while in their hometown Colorado.

The person posting the ad alleges they started using marijuana under the supervision of a physician in Colorado.

This, however, does not explain how the person smuggled the seeds into Korea.

“As not legalized here, I successfully grow and use a few by myself,” the ad poster says.

“I’m going back to the U.S. and have about 118 seeds left with me.”

The owner of the seeds is firm on the 100,000-won price.

“It’s the Ultra Lemon Haze strain of Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis…Very intense sativa high with body buzz and THC is very high. Serious inquiries only.”

Research demonstrates sativa is a type of seed strain that produces 40 percent less bud on average than Indica.

Those that use marijuana suggest sativa strains say it gives them a more pleasant and happy high whereas the indica strain makes them more inactive and docile.

Mann Jeong-un, social worker working for the Korea Association Against Drug Abuse, expressed grave concerns over the sale of the marijuana seeds.

“It is illegal to bring marijuana seeds to Korea,” she said. “Those who grow or sell marijuana would face a stronger punishment than those who purchase it. He must pull out the ad and dispose the seeds immediately.”

The person posting the ad may be imprisoned and denied re-entry to Korea if authorities deem him to be smuggling, growing, or using marijuana.

Mann says it is not uncommon for foreigners who take drugs to smuggle, grow and sell marijuana in Korea as they do not realize how serious a crime it is in Korea.

Under South Korean law, marijuana sellers can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in jail or fined up to 100 million won.

The minimum prison term for marijuana growers or importers is one year and marijuana users are subject to a maximum of 5 years in jail or a fine of up to 50 million won.

Tae-hoon Lee contributed to this article.

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  • Za’chary Westbrook

    If that’s an actual Coloradan, I’ll eat my hat. We know how verb tenses work, back home. I smell a police sting.

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