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Garbage truck falls into sinkhole in seoul

Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

A garbage truck fell into a truck at around 7:07 p.m. Sunday in Muak-dong, Jongno, Seoul. Firefighters managed to tow the truck at around 9:03 p.m .

In February this year, two people suffered minor injuries after they fell into a sinkhole that opened up on a sidewalk in Seoul.

The sinkhole was next to a construction site where two blocks of flats were being built.

A month later, a large truck fell into a sinkhole in Sinchon, Seoul.


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Lee Tae-hoon

Lee Tae-hoon

Lee Tae-hoon is publisher at The Korea Observer. He previously worked for the Korea Times and Arirang TV. You can reach him at

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