Heavy Flooding Hits Busan, South Korea – 4 Killed, 5 Missing as of 6pm

Written by smurfystew

Heavy rains lashed southern South Korea on Monday, leaving the port city of Busan inundated with water. Rains of up to 270 millimeters fell in the area as of 4PM according to the Korea Meteorological Administration. More heavy rain is forecast for later this week. 

Areas of the Busan worst affected by the flooding are reportedly Busan National University, as well as Dongnae and Suyeong.

Yonhap news is reporting that four people were killed and five are missing as of 6pm this evening.

According to BusinessWeek, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. halted operations at its Kori No. 2 nuclear reactor after rain began to seep into a water-intake facility.

Flight cancellations between Busan and Jeju Island are also being reported due to the flooding. Schools in the area are being advised to keep tabs on the situation and to cancel classes if the situation is deemed unsafe for students to go to and from school.

As rain fell in the area, social media lit up with first-hand accounts, photos and video of the flooding that was occurring.

Here is some video, as observed by social media, of the sights and sounds of the day in Busan:





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