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Homosexual events being blocked by Christians

KO Gay flag
James Hyams
Written by James Hyams


Non-affirming Christian groups have been camping outside police stations in Seoul in order to prevent the Korea Queer Culture Festival securing public space for events according to the LGBT and Allies Korea Facebook group.

“In the end they succeeded in submitting rally declaration forms for every space in Daehakro from 12 to 14 June and prevented us from being able to hold the Queer Pride Parade in the area,” a member wrote on the group wall.

Groups apply for the use of public space to the police station which is approved based on the order that applications come in.

There are specific days that groups can apply.

The anti-gay Love Your Country, Love Your Children Movement is lining up weeks in advance to submit multiple applications for all of the public space to prevent the LGBT group from being legally allowed to host an event.

The LGBT community is now trying to secure space in Namdaemun as the police station there will accept applications May 29 for rallies on June 28.

The Christian group is already lined up outside this police station and so are members of the LGBT’s organising committee.

“We have to stand in line without leaving for even one second until the 29th. It is too difficult to do this just with the people in the organizing committee,” a group member said.

“The only thing we can do is to submit as many rally declaration forms as possible to counter theirs.”

Members are staying up all night standing in line in front of the police station, next to the opposing groups. They are holding out by sitting on the ground and on chairs.

“If anyone can help take turns standing in line with us during any time at all from the 22nd until the 29th… We sincerely hope that you please message me,” wrote a member of the Facebook Group.

They are seeking people to assist stand in line and hold positions for them in a bid to host an event next month.

Namdaemun police station is opposite Seoul station, 30 meters from exit 9.




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James Hyams

James Hyams

James Hyams juggles several careers including being a journalist and a social worker. James has an avid interest in 'telling it as it is', exposing matters of public interest, and reviving investigative journalism in the new digital era. Testimony to this is his thesis titled: “U.S. Government secrecy and the withering watchdog: Is WikiLeaks the answer?”

  • IAM

    Do these people really need festivals? Go have your little celebrations in the comfy surroundings of your own home.

    • Jenny Jackson-Smith

      Please tell me you are joking…

      • IAM


        • Christopher Tjaart McLea

          IAM, you’re a fool. I do wish you guys will take your bronze age mythology and keep it in your own homes too but you flaunt your broken hate-ridden beliefs in everyone’s faces wherever you go and you brainwash your young that know no better. Keep your backward thinking in your own church and to yourselves. You are also a hypocrite if you believe you are not a sinner according to your own doctrine. You cast homosexuality in the same group as wife beaters, gamblers, murderers, and thieves? Homosexuality is ubiquitous in the natural world and it is scientifically observable, and a necessary or possibly incidental offshoot of natural selection. Modern organised religions such as yours are but the current flavor of the month, a passing meme and your doctrines are not scientifically observable. They are but human ideas and not very good ones at that. I will stick to humanism, thank you very much. Can you honestly say you have no sin? Have you even read Leviticus? Stop throwing your stones at others and instead cast it on your own evil shadow. And stop bugging people that just want to express their own self-worth and solidarity. My apologies to good honest Christians out there such as Mr. Craig Bartlett. I do admire your stance and if I was a Christian it is to people like yourself that I would turn. It is just the ignorant views of some religious conservatives that get my goat.

          • IAM

            Unless you have read God’s word, your opinion is USELESS. And you open up your argument with a personal attack? Someone needs some debate lessons.

          • Christopher Tjaart McLea

            Well, you see, there you are mistaken. An opinion is not predicated on whether you have read the source of information your opponent is basing his or her opinion on. My opinion could very well come from other sources such as provided for us by modern science and the enlightenment. You can not magically proclaim it to be of no USE to anyone. I have read the bible though, since I was raised a Christian and opted out by choice when I came of age. So, rightly you don’t have to consider my opinion and I don’t have to consider yours either but I do know your god’s ‘word’. As personal as you might find my ‘attack’, its not like i’m judging your lifestyle or you as an individual. It’s a fair comment based on what you wrote before, a foolish analogous remark equating homosexuals to murders and thieves. Did I brake some commandment regarding internet forum commentary?

          • IAM

            It’s the same as if I were to walk into an operating room and tell the doctor my opinion about how to do the surgery. Is my opinion an opinion? Sure. Is it worth anything to the doctor? Nope.

            I am curious, what does it mean to ‘come of age’? Is your life so much better than it was when you did believe? Is this world so much better than it was before? Are we as society, ‘coming of age’ right now?

            I’m not going to go into a long debate about why Christianity is right or wrong. You obviously have a great life where everything is better without God. But I’ll just leave you with this: Everyone is a sinner. We all deny God as I do, and as homosexuals do. In the end we will all be judged. Who gets in the Kingdom of Heaven? Those who go to Him and confess their sins is a start.

          • Christopher Tjaart McLea

            Except, it’s not the same, is it? You’re not a doctor and you are not performing surgery. You are judging people, aren’t you? Telling people how they should live according to your beliefs and your sense of morality. You are no more an expert than me since, you would, I guess agree with me that it is not our jobs to judge people. That’s according to your own doctrine. It’s God’s job. I’ll be happy if we could just leave it to God then. You are then free to follow your belief and your biblical sense of morality. Leave me to follow my belief, my morality and let people ‘other’ than you be. They are not harming you so why try to harm them. I’m sure the gates of heaven are not accessed by people that always judge others, either.

            And since you ask, I’m sure I’m as happy with my awakening as you are with your rebirth. It does give me immense satisfaction to live a life free of pixies in the sky, watching over me, judging me, loving me and cursing me at the same time. In my world my morality, my principles, my understanding of the universe and our place in it, are shaped by reason and discovery. To me, that holds more value than clinging on to age old superstitions.

          • IAM

            God bless.

  • Craig Bartlett

    Your article is accurate, but I fear your headline may be a bit misleading. Not all ‘Christians’ in Seoul are attempting to block the KQCF parade. As a co-leader of an affirming Christian congregation, I went to the line-up yesterday to help with the waiting, to express support, and to serve communion to those who wished to receive. I can also say there are at least three congregations within Seoul which are explicitly welcoming and affirming of sexual minorities.

    • Anonymous_Joe

      Nicely said. I write too and would have likely used the term “Christian groups” in the headline. What do you recommend that these “Christians” (love your scare quotes) be called. In other words, if you could have written the headline, what would you have written?

      • Kyrei

        Douchebags??? Would that have made the cut?

        • Dan Guiana

          lol, fagg0t

    • IAM

      A person may be born with a greater susceptibility to homosexuality, just as some people are born with a tendency to violence and other sins. That does not excuse the person’s choosing to sin by giving in to sinful desires. If a person is born with a greater susceptibility to anger/rage, does that make it right for him to give into those desires? Of course not! The same is true with homosexuality. Homosexuality is no greater or less than any other sin. They choose to be that way. They choose to disobey God.

      • Jenny Jackson-Smith

        At the risk of feeding the troll… choice is irrelevant. (And I’m not saying sexuality is a choice… if you seriously and sincerely think about that for half a second, you would realize that the idea of someone — especially someone in Korea — ‘choosing’ to be gay is just madness). But anyway, lets say your argument is correct… that gay people choose to be gay. Well, religion is also a choice — I’m going to guess by your arguments that you are Christian. You chose that. Buddhists choose to be Buddhist. A few days ago there were festivals celebrating Buddha’s birthday in Korea…as a conservative Christian, you probably believe that the people at those festivals were ‘sinning’ by participating. Should they not be allowed to have a festival celebrating their chosen faith because a certain portion of society thinks that they are wrong?

        Basically, what I’m saying is that whether or not sexuality is a choice (and again, I’m not conceding that it is) is irrelevant to whether or not gay people should be allowed to have a festival. The fact is that LGBT people are a minority, and often in democratic societies, a specific minority population has a season of celebration of their specific demographic — ie: Caribana in Toronto, or Puerto Rico Day marches or the like…it’s a relatively common thing.

        • IAM

          We are all sinners, we all worship things more than Our Creator, including myself. Our home, our money, our pride of homosexuality, our (fill in the blank).

          However, even through all our sin, God has opened one door for you. He’s giving us a chance to be right with Him. So contrary to your point, we actually have a choice. We can go to Him, or we can go our own way. It is that simple. Once we leave this Earth, some will join Him, others will not. God says, “You want to worship that statue of Buddha? Go right ahead.” But when that day comes, when we leave this Earth, one must take responsibility for all their sins. Follow the world, or follow your Creator? Everyone has that choice.

          Yeah, the festival bugs me, but my point goes deeper. My point is that homosexuals, just as the wife beater, or the gambler, the murderer, or the robber, are all disobeying Him. We will all receive judgment when we are called by Him that day we leave this Earth. The door is open.

          • Matthew Scott Alspaugh


      • Joshua Weaver

        Fine. Gays choose to be that way. That still doesn’t explain why you have any say in the matter. Isn’t the entire message of the New Testament the love of Christ and the free-will of men?

        But let’s examine this. Why the gays? What’s really your problem?
        Do you also protest divorce?
        Child abandonment?
        Domestic Violence?
        Women’s lack of rights?
        Minority workers lack of rights?

        This country is PLAGUED with these problems (sins as you might call them). Do you form protests, block organized gatherings, make signs, and taunt all the people who do these things?
        Why not?
        Because they are in the pew next to you at church? Because they don’t have a clear, visible label or flag to stand under?

        You protest gays because they are visible. You can point a finger. Abd it makes you feel better about your sad selves.
        “Look at that gay over there…at least I’m better than him,” right? Something like that going through your subconscience?

        You wanna tell me I’m wrong, fine. But if you try to block my OWN free-will and liberties awarded to my by both country AND GOD, you’re also the sinner, my friend. How dare you try to come between God and the free will of any person. You should be ashamed.
        Also, don’t know how you all miss this one….Christ taught everyone through LOVE. He hated the Pharisees because of their manipulation of law and society to their own benefit.
        So what are you doing? What are you doing fighting against the will of people by manipulating law and social order.
        Stand and me rocognized, Pharisee!

        The angry son of a Midwest pastor

    • James

      That is why I wrote Non-affirming Christian groups….. The editor may have removed the “Non-affirming” wording but I’ve re-added it.

  • Dan Guiana

    Good. In fact, the parade should be burned.

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