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Japan doesn’t want the world to remember the Rape of Nanjing

Japan doesn’t want the world to remember the Rape of Nanjing

Friday, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, inscribed into its Memory of the World register the Nanjing massacre, which is also referred to as the Rape of Nanjing.

China began fighting Japan in 1937 and says some 300,000 people died in a six-week slaughter that included rape and decimated the area after the Japanese military entered Nanjing. Many historians put the number substantially lower, but there’s little doubt in mainstream scholarship that the event took place.

However, in Japan, revisionists deny any atrocities took place. The official position is that “the killing of a large number of noncombatants, looting and other acts occurred,” but it adds “it is difficult to determine” the true number of victims.

Japan’s foreign ministry responded to the news in a statement: “It is extremely regrettable that a global organization that should be neutral and fair entered the documents in the Memory of the World register, despite the repeated pleas made by the Japanese government.”

Normally, I’d discuss how this perverted view of history tarnishes Japan’s regional relations, but today, I don’t have to. The comment section of Japan Today does a fair job of that and here are a few comments:

Moonraker: Yet letters and memorabilia for kamikaze pilots have been floated as worthy of putting forward for inclusion and, as it says here, documents related to the victimhood of Japanese prisoners also put forward and accepted. Politicized? Sure. Japan should only be regarded as victim or having no choice.

PTownsend: There’s some chance, though scant, that by being truthful about the many hideous acts our respective cultures have committed that we can learn not to repeat similar acts, but there’s NO chance to learn if cultures continue to deny that they too did hideous things. EVERY nation involved in any war any time in history committed hideous acts. To deny that and try to hide from it is pathetic.

BurakimDes: Good on UNESCO – the Nanjing Massacre (or in the whitewashers’ language – “incident”) documents deserve to be archived and studied. The reaction from this government is petulant and childish to put it politely. It’s funny how the Japanese government has attacked UNESCO as being “political” – yet when one of their own nominations are approved, it’s accepted as apparently well-deserved!

And the list goes on…

Japan is by no means the only country that likes to sidestep its dark history, but the veracity in which the Abe administration perpetuates the notion that it was somehow a victim in the second World War is contemptible.

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  • Jon

    Despite Japan’s repeated remose, regret and apologises, nobody in Asia believes it. Why?..this is one such example that Japan has not completely come clean on past committed atrocities. That is why Asians question Japanese sincerity. On the other hand, the Germans’ expresses genuine remorse and moved on.

    • JEng

      read their newspaper editorials today – search through google news – holy moses.

      the incest cannibals just shed their masks big time

      I wouldn’t think that they would have cared about Unesco or actually thought their decades of lying that oh war i terrible isn’t it awful what happened to China oh boohoo we got atomic bombed and that must never happen again blah blah blah – in no way could I have imagined that they would flip out and slip out of their sheep’s clothing over UNESCO.

      this might mean that they actually thought they were successfully playing out the clock for all survivors to die out including POTUS 41 after which they absolutely were going to deny outright but UNESCO has a permanency and an international approval to it that their unrealistic dream of eventual successful denial has now been shattered.

      And ALL TOGETHER – they shed their fake liberal bleeding heart peace-embracing disguise.

      They are freaking out.

      And that is extremely strange and worrisome.

  • JEng

    in AMERICA – there is ZERO denial of Native American injustice and enslavement of African Americans – ZERO

    And sure white people might be uncomfortable about that – especially the slavery – but you don’t see them acting out in retaliation for feeling awkward or “embarassed” – oh, I have to punish whoever wrote Roots or i have to discriminate against the producers of Dances With Wolves.

    I can’t explain it – but I grew up in it – and it has never seemed a toxic or unwise thing to be honest about problems in the past or to call something out and say Hey, that reminds me of past crimes.

    No white person has a problem with Quentin Tarantino making Django. No one feels omigod let’s just ignore 12 Years A Slave and maybe it will go away – let’s not review that movie, let’s not nominate it for any awards and definitely do not let any actors especially the one whose character was RAPED by a white man – never let her get far in life – just ignore her and let her flail and never succeed. We NEVER want to hear about slavery because it makes white people look bad – let’s coverup Abraham Lincoln’s murder and never mention his existence again.

    That does not happen in the United States. Why? Are our white people better than the White people of Asia – the Japanese?

    Because today, their newspaper editorials are acting crazy and essentially denying the massacre – so much for all the fake words by all their prime ministers and they are threatening to not support Unesco – oh well wouldn’t want to SULLY the memory of the suicide bombers of Japan with having their letters in the same depository as the documentation including Japanese that PROVE the Nanjing massacre.

  • Chucky3176

    My grandfather was at Nanjing, he was part of the Korean freedom fighters that came in and chased the Japanese away protecting the Chinese. Just after the Japanese were banished there was a sudden gust of wind and all the Korean fighters clothes were swept away, they had to pick up clothes from the fallen enemy which is why in the photos he’s wearing an IJA uniform.

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