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Kim Dynasty Family Members Living In US, American Defector’s Children Living In North Korea

Kim Dynasty
Chance Dorland
Written by Chance Dorland

While North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s brother, Kim Jong-nam, was recently murdered while living outside of the DPRK, he’s not the only Mount Paektu Bloodline member to have made it out of North Korea. Two articles from Anna Fifield, the Washington Post’s Tokyo Bureau Chief, have connected past defections both to & from North Korea to their present day consequences. Last year, Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland spoke with Fifield to learn how the decades old defection of American GI Joe Dresnok to North Korea, & the more recent defection of Kim Jong-un’s aunt to the US, are still being felt today.

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Interview answers, both in written & audio form, have been edited for length & clarity.

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About the author

Chance Dorland

Chance Dorland

Chance is an American journalist and radio enthusiast from a 1,000 person town in Iowa. After studying radio journalism and media communication at Emerson College in Boston, he's lived in NYC, LA, Germany, Colombia and his adopted home of South Korea. Chance has a diverse background of experiences after working for Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, OutQ News and SiriusXM Radio. He recently served in the U.S. Peace Corps where he taught English and hosted a bilingual radio program. You can find more of his projects at http://ChanceDorland.com.

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