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Kindergarten hires only white teachers as blacks ‘scare kids’

James Hyams
Written by James Hyams

Members of the expat community are submitting complaints to the National Human Rights Committee of South Korea (NHRC) after another job ad requested “only white person(s)” apply.

Concerned members of the community shared this job ad on Facebook. Some rallied others to take action encouraging them to complain to the school and lodge formal complaints.

The Korea Observer called the lady who posted the ad who confirmed they received numerous complaints

“As we are a kindergarten, children get scared of (black) teachers. I got it, I will delete the post,” she said.

The lady specifically mentioned getting a call from a black Canadian who was rather unhappy with the discrimination.

We interviewed the Canadian who contacted the woman.

“I told her how wrong this was and how it is racial discrimination. She kept saying that the kids are afraid of non-white foreigners and that it is her supervisor that want a white teacher,” he said on the condition of anonymity.

“She kept saying sorry.”

The NHRC said they will follow up after receiving complaints.

This is just another example of numerous racial discrimination incidents in South Korea.

Earlier this year Chungdahm April in Seoul came under fire for not wanting to hire black staff.

Last year Sean Jones was rejected from two job interviews because he is black.

South Korea does not have a racial discrimination policy.

The only avenue of complaint for victims of racial discrimination is the NHRC who have no legal powers.

More than 90 percent of complaints filed to the NHRC concerning discrimination, based on race or nationality, over the past 14 years were dismissed.

Between November 25 in 2001 through February 28 in 2015, the commission received only 100 complaints concerning race or skin color.

Of them, it dismissed 93 and referred only three of the cases to the relevant ministries.

Tae-hoon Lee contribute to this article.

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James Hyams

James Hyams

James Hyams juggles several careers including being a journalist and a social worker. James has an avid interest in 'telling it as it is', exposing matters of public interest, and reviving investigative journalism in the new digital era. Testimony to this is his thesis titled: “U.S. Government secrecy and the withering watchdog: Is WikiLeaks the answer?”

  • Aldene911

    Wow …one point to Japan. Black teachers are all over…(though some schools still have preferences)

  • Jenny Jackson-Smith

    As a black teacher here, this is maddening. And everyone is always passing the blame… it’s the parents, it’s the schools, and now… it’s the kids…seriously, they are blaming the children? If there is anyone who is not to blame it’s the kids… they are innocent. Of course they are scared… all kids are scared of new teachers. Any new adult in their life is going to be scary. I have been teaching for more than 10 years, in Korea, in Canada, in Central America… kids are always scared of their new teachers. And I’m not even going to deny that the kids might be extra nervous because black people look different that the people they are accustomed to… but if the teacher is a good teacher, the kids get over that pretty damn quickly. Personally, I know I look different from what the kids are accustomed to, but after a few days of shyness, they begin to come out of their shell. 2 months into the new year, my new little ones greet me with running hugs on an almost daily basis, and my Korean coteacher has told me she is jealous because the kids seem to love me so much.

  • paynow

    Koreans are racist against blacks. They hate blacks but want to do their music and dress like them but hate their skin color some still do black face ..


      Yes! Yes! Yes! You are 1000% right!!! Korea have a sick System of White Supremacy, Supression and Oppression against Black People on many levels and Especially Black People doing Business in Korea. They are no different from the White Man in America who enslaved Black people for 400 years. The Korean’s hatred of Blacks Seems to me that it’s on a deeper level and they hide is very well,(they are very covert with their racism) but when it’s forced to come out it comes out fully Blown like a oncoming rushing Train!! And I’m also talking about the Ruling Class in particular who rule Korea! Not every individual Korean has this mindset but most of them are effected by it and they do have this mindset. And the ones that don’t is like finding a needle in a haystack. I found about 5 needles.


    Korea Suffers from the Sick Disease of White Supremacy! All Black English Teachers and Expats need to Unite as one and Fight against this Gross Anti Black Racism here in Korea! and Demand and command Our Natural born Human Rights to equally enjoy our Freedom Justice & Equality no matter where we are on “OUR” Planet!! Our Unity is More powerful than a ***NUCLEAR BOMB!*** As Black people we have been fighting this fight against racism and White Supremacy for the past 458 years in America and the effects of forced Slavery up to this very day as we are now fighting against social, financial, Economic Racism and Police Brutality and It’s a shame that we have to deal with the same Systematic Racism here in South Korea.


    Why do Koreans always deny that there is no Racism against Blacks in Korea especially when they see it in action right in front of there face? Koreans are in gross denial of the Anti Black & “Systematic” Racism here in Korea! And they always blame it on the “It’s Culture”, “It’s because of Language difference” and also Koreans are afraid of Foreigners (Which is another code word for Black People or the -N- Word)

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