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Korean man imprisoned for assaulting burglar

Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

A 20-year-old man is serving his jail term that he received for assaulting a 50-year-old burglar, YTN reported Friday.

Choi received an 18-month prison sentence in a trial on charges of making the thief brain dead by hitting him with a drying rack.

The thief, identified as Kim, broke into Choi’s house in Wonju, Gangwaon Province in March. Choi came home at around 3 a.m. after a drink with friends and found the thief rifling through drawers. Choi called the police and fought off the intruder.


Screenshot from the YTN footage

He claimed self-defense in assaulting the 50-year-old man with the “light, aluminum” drying rack, but the court ruled against him.

The court found the drying rack was a “dangerous material” to use to defend himself against the thief who was unarmed and trying to run away.

His second trial is reportedly to be held next month.


Comments from Naver

useo****: What is it then if not self-defense? What’s wrong with them? Is it the thief who should get punished? What the…Sigh이게 정당방위가 아니고 뭐야 도둑질을 했다는 걸 문제삼아야지 뭐하는거야 이게 어휴


podos1234: It is okay to kill criminals. Excessive assault? The families of the criminal should rather thank him for making him brain dead, instead of terminating him.범죄자는 죽여도된다 무슨 과잉폭행 정당방위여야지 범죄자를 죽이지도 않고 뇌사 만들었는데 범죄자 가족이 감사하다고 해도 모자를 상황인데


dlwk****:  How the hell they become judges? What a waste of taxpayers’ money!대체 어떤 기준을 삼아 판사를 뽑는건가...세금이 아깝다


eheh****: The judge seems to believe you should fight off a thief with your bare hands. The thief may stab you, steal your money, kill your families and rape your female family members, but you should fight off with your bare hands first? Oh, is it common sense that you should fight with your bare bands first and wail until the burglar pulls out a weapon? If not, a jail term, right?도둑정도는 맨손으로만 제압해야된다고 생각하는 듯 그러다 칼침 좀 맞을수도 있고 재산도 좀 털리고 가족생명과 여성가족원이 당할수도 있지만 일단 맨주먹 으로 상대가 연장꺼낼때까지 기다려주는 센스? 안기다리면 감옥?


sml0****: What a wonderful Korea! If a burglar breaks into your house, you should treat him with a glass of water and engage in conversation with him until the police arrive.역시 우리나라!!! 이젠 도둑들면 경찰들 올 때까지 물이라도 한잔 주면서 대화로 풀어야되겠네.


wlsd****:Release him, you morone, judge. You really irritate me.풀어줘라 개판사야 짜증확나네


wins****: It was self-defense. What the hell the judge is for?정낭방위 맞네.판사는 뭐 하는 사람인가......


moon****: The judge deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize.이 판사 노벨평화상 감


oks1****:  Okay~~~ I am also off to steal something. Go, Go ~~~~ What the hell!오케이~~~나도 도둑질하러 고고~~~~~내 참..


ahn1****: Judge, what would you have done if you were him?판사양반 당신이라면 어떻게 했겠소?

buem****:   The judge must be brain dead. 검사와 판사가 뇌사상태 아냐?


hana****: Thieves, you should break into the houses of prosecutors and judges.판검사변호사 집 터세요~ 도둑님들!!!


who6****: Yeah, it will be totally safe.판사집 털러 가면 안전빵이네!

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    This is ludicrous, the old man must have some ties in government….

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    왜 영어로 번역했지? 불평하면서 영어를 연습하고 싶었거나 우리 머리 하나도 없는 바보 멍청이 영어만 할 줄 아는 사람들한테 도움을 찾고 있어요? ㅋㅋ.

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    Korea is insane…..

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