Korean Protesters Say No to Bras, Free Your Breasts!

No Bra Protest Korean Women
Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

A group of Korean women took to the streets on Tuesday to protest against the prejudice that women should wear a bra.
While wearing nipple cover stickers on their shirts, the seven Korean women marched down the streets of Hongdae, Seoul.

Courtesy of Trivial Demo

Courtesy of Trivial Demo

Their picket signs read “For whom we wear bras? Don’t wear them, stand tall!”; “Why on earth are we wearing it every morning?”; “I am not wearing a bra. I feel so much better”; and “What’s the use of wearing a nipple cover? At least, it keeps you warm in the winter.”
Some passersby reportedly stared at their nipple covers, asking whether or not they were wearing a bra, while others did not hesitate to brand them as “lunatics.”
However, several people reacted very positively, saying it was a clever move to raise awareness about the issue.

Poster for Tuesday's Protest

Poster for Tuesday’s Protest “Brove! No Bra!”

This was the second in a series of “trivial” demonstrations by Trivial Demo, which had organized a protest in July against the social convention that women should shave their armpit hair.
A study by the Society of Fashion and Textile Industry in Korea found that 97.7 percent of Korean women wear bras and more than half of the women in their 20s wear them for 24 hours a day.
Some medical experts claim that women wearing bras have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, while others disagree saying there is not enough evidence to support the idea.


Comments from Korean netizens

Yun Chung : Better health for women. A feast for the eyes of men. Win win situation.여성건강증진, 남성 눈요깃거리. Win win situation.


Otter: If you are to stage a march proudly without reserve, you should take off the stickers on the chest and sunglasses ! 당당하게 행진 하려면 가슴에 스티커도 띠고!!.. 썬그라스도 벗고!!..


Sad Tree: Things that need to be changed should be changed. Let’s change the social convention that men buy a house for marriage. 좀 바뀔껀 바껴야지.. 결혼할때 남자가 집 마련해오는거도 좀 바뀌자


Onejay Choi:I don’t understand why the women who protested not to wear bras wore the tags on their nipple areas.  브라자 차지 말자고 시위하시는 분들이 왜 젖꼭지 위치에 태그를 달고 하시는 것인지는 이해가 안갑니다.


Coffeeline: It was a worthy protest like the ones taking place in the United States. I’d like to see them stage a protest that demands equal workload and equal treatment for men and women at work places like in the States. That’s what we call true equality. 미국처럼 바람직한 시위네 여기서 미국처럼 남자와 동등한 일을하게해서 동등한 대우를하게해달라는 시위도 보면 보기 좋겠네요 그게 진정한 평등이죠

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Lee Tae-hoon

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