TV Novel: Eunhui | TV 소설: 은희 – Ep.21 (2013.08.05)

Ep.21: When Geumsun bumps into Jeongok at the temple, the eldery lady tells the younger woman to bring her son back before collapsing to the floor. After seeing Seokgu calling Geumsun “mother” and rushing her off in the car, Jeongok is alarmed at their relationship. Geumsun nags Seokgu about finding out where Jeongok lives. Seokgu meets Jeongok and tells her about what had happened. He asks her to leave once again for Eunhui’s sake. Meanwhile, Eunhui and Yeongju go out to the movies. When Eunhui returns, Jeongok asks her if she would like to return to Seoul. / 琴顺在寺庙碰见贞玉,她哭喊着还我儿子,最终昏迷不醒。 贞玉听到锡九叫琴顺妈妈,并带她坐车离开,对锡九和琴顺的关系感到疑惑。 琴顺让锡九马上去打听贞玉住的地方,锡九找贞玉谈起这二十年来的事情,并再次拜托她为­了恩姬离开。 恩姬与英珠看电影,一起开心度过了一天, 回来之后表情复杂的贞玉问恩姬。”我们要不要回首尔?”


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