TV Novel: Eunhui | TV小说:恩熙 | TV 소설: 은희 – Ep.48 (2013.09.11)

Ep.48: Seongjae tells Seokgu and Geumsun that Eunhui is the only woman for him which is why he cannot get engaged. Yeongju visits Eunhui and tells her that “she’s the murderer’s daughter.” Eunhui helps Mr. Park’s mother without knowing her identity, enabling Mr. Park to change his mind. Yeongju pretends as if she’s trying to commit suicide which worries Seokgu and Gilrye greatly. Meanwihle, Seokgu visits Eunhui and tells her he must reveal the truth about her father. / 英珠误会成宰和恩姬,回家后策划了假装自杀的场景,锡九和吉礼变得极度担心。恩姬偶然­情况下帮助了朴议员的母亲,以此挽回了朴议员的心。锡九叫恩姬出来,表示终于要说出她­爸爸杀人案的真相……


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