TV Novel: Eunhui (TV 소설: 은희) – Ep.111 (2013.12.09)

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Ep.111: When Yeongju finds out that Seokgu had killed Seongjae’s father, she tries to move out of the house. Geumsun has no choice but to lighten up after seeing Yeongju having a hard time. Myeongho goes after Mr. Yang who pays Lora a visit at the hospital but loses him. Myeongho tells Eunhui to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Yeongju gets mad at Seokgu for rushing the marriage. She visits Eunhui to tell her something. / 英珠得知锡九才是杀害成宰亲生父亲的真凶,她决定离家出走,琴顺不忍心看英珠那么辛苦­,决定消气。 梁社长来到劳拉的病房,明浩事后得知他的身份追着出去但没有追上,他跟恩姬决定对梁社­长来病房的事保密。 锡九一无所知却一心催促英珠和成宰的婚事,英珠一气之下从饭店跑出来,她找到恩姬说有­话要对她说……
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