TV Novel: Eunhui (TV 소설: 은희) – Ep.112 (2013.12.10)

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Ep.112: Yeongju finds out that Seokgu is the murderer. She wants to tell Eunhui but it’s not easy to do so. While looking for Mr. Yang, Myeongho gets into a fight with Mr. Yang’s men. But he’s unsuccessful in catching them. Meanwhile, Yeongju is so shocked and realizes that she cannot marry Seongjae. She tries to commit suicide but Seongjae barely saves her life. Seongjae is so surprised that he says he wants to marry Yeongju right away. / 英珠亲自确认了锡九就是真凶,她本来想告诉恩姬这一真相,可最终也没能说出口。 明浩一直寻找梁社长,在仁川集市与梁社长手下发生搏斗,结果没能抓到他们。 英珠因为大受打击知道自己再也无法靠近成宰,于是她选择自杀,但在成宰的帮助下活了下­来。 成宰惊慌失措表示同意马上跟英珠结婚……
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