TV Novel: Eunhui | TV 소설: 은희 – Ep.22 (2013.08.06)

Ep.22: When Jeongok asks Eunhui about returning to Seoul, Eunhui tells her mother that she can’t quit now. She’s surprised at Jeongok’s sudden suggestion. When Seokgu tells Geumsun that he doesn’t know Jeongok’s whereabouts, Geumsun is unable to overcome her anger. She stays in her room and Eunhui makes rice cake soup for her. Meanwhile, Jaepil hears about Jeongok and Seokgu having met up. He visits the soup shop to ask questions before appearing at the office to meet Seokgu. / 贞玉向恩姬提议回首尔,恩姬说不能在工厂艰难时辞职,贞玉突然要离开仁川让恩姬很奇怪­。 锡九说不知道贞玉的行踪,琴顺生闷气把自己憋在房间里不出门,恩姬亲手为琴顺煮兆朗年­糕汤。 在弼得知贞玉和锡九见过面,便去汤饭馆找贞玉问东问西,之后又去了工厂办公室见锡九.­…


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