TV Novel: Eunhui | TV 소설: 은희 – Ep.35 (2013.08.23)


Ep.35: Eunhui hears about Seongjae from Jeongtae but she avoids the issue. Jeongtae buys Eunhui dinner and tells her that he’ll find a job for her at the hotel. In Incheon, Guemsun and Seokgu are at odds over the issue of marriage between Yeongju and Seongjae. The talk of marriage travels to Jeongok. Meanwhile, the son of Seoul Hotel’s owner, Myeongho, returns from the States. There’s a certain level of tension between Myeongho and Jeongtae. / 恩姬从正太那里听到成宰的消息,但故意回避,正太请恩姬吃晚饭,还提议恩姬到酒店工作­。 在仁川,琴顺和锡九在英珠和成宰的婚事上意见不一,两个人结婚的消息传到了贞玉的耳朵­里。 首尔酒店的女社长劳拉的儿子明浩从美国回来,明浩和正太关系很是紧张……


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