TV Novel: Eunhui |TV 소설: 은희 – Ep.46 (2013.09.09)

Ep.46: When Geumsun sees Eunhui with Myeongho on their visit to Incheon Tofu, she gets angry at Baeksu and Seokgu and tries to call off the contract. When Lora hears that Myeongho ate Jeongok’s soup shop with Eunhui, she gets worried that Myeongho may be showing interest in Eunhui. On the ride back to Seoul, Myeongho asks Eunhui about her relationship with Seongjae. Meanwhile, Seongjae visits Seoul Hotel on business and bumps into Eunhui in front of Myeongho’s hotel room. / 恩姬同明浩一起来仁川豆腐厂视察,琴顺见到恩姬后向百寿和锡九大发雷霆,并表示要取消­合同。 明浩提议和恩姬一起来珍玉工作的汤饭馆吃饭,劳拉•金担心明浩对恩姬有别的想法。 在回首尔的车中,明浩悄悄问起恩姬与成宰的关系。 另外,成宰因为工作来到首尔酒店,却在明浩的客房碰到恩姬……


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