TV Novel: Eunhui (TV 소설: 은희) >Ep.56 >(2013.09.23)

Ep.56: Lora meets Jeongok and asks her about her daughter. Jeongok tells Lora that her daughter had died during the war. Lora collapses due to shock. Jeongok remembers the past when Lora had left Eunhui with her and has mixed feelings. Seokgu tells Yeongju not to visit the temple where Seongjae’s father’s ancestral tablet is honored but Jeongju is alarmed at her father because of his sensitivity concerning Seongjae’s father. Meanwhile, Eunhui ruins an old photograph of Lora’s. Lora, out of rate, slaps Eunhui. /

见到贞玉的劳拉急忙问起自己女儿的消息,贞玉却说她的女儿在战乱中死了。 劳拉受到打击晕倒,贞玉回想起当年劳拉把恩姬交给她时的场景,心乱如麻。 锡九不让英珠再去成宰父亲灵位所在的寺庙,英珠觉得锡九对成宰爸的事很敏感,让她很奇­怪。 恩姬失手弄坏劳拉的旧照片,劳拉一气之下打了她耳光……

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