TV Novel: Eunhui (TV 소설: 은희) >Ep.61 >(2013.09.30)

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Ep.61: When Lora sees Eunhui with Jeongok cordially at the market, she’s sure that Eunhui is her daughter but she cannot tell anyone. Seokgu is extremely angered by the fact that the witness, Yongpal had met up with Yeongju. Sundeok pressures Haengja to pay back the money she borrowed. Haengja ends up touching the money to be used for Seongjae’s engagement. Meanwhile, Eunhui hands in a resignation letter after seeing Myeongho and Lora fighting because of her. / 劳拉看到恩姬和贞玉在市场亲密逛街的一幕,确信恩姬是自己的女儿,可是她却无法告诉恩­姬这些事。 锡九发现目击者容八出现在自己周围,还见过英珠,这让他很愤怒并让他越来越有压力。 顺德督促杏子还清借款,杏子偷拿了准备用于成宰订婚仪式的钱。 恩姬不想让明浩和劳拉因为自己起争执,终于辞职…


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