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Ep.74: Eunhui pleads to Lora in tears asking about finding her mom. Lora is torn about not being able to tell Eunhui the real reason for Jeongok’s disappearance. Seongjae and Yeongju become the talk of the town thanks to their engagement. Seokgu is relieved to hear that Kim Yongpal has been dealt with. When Lora finds Jeongok, Lora tires to persuade Jeongok into living together after telling Eunhui that she’s the aunt. / 恩姬哭着求劳拉帮忙找她妈妈,劳拉看着恩姬这样,却不能说出贞玉离开的真正原因,内心­非常痛苦。 成宰和英珠举办订婚仪式,豆腐厂的家人都很开心,在弼说金荣八的事已经处理干净,锡九­暂时放心。 劳拉找到贞玉,她试图劝说贞玉,让她告诉恩姬自己是她姑姑,并三个人一起生活。 另外,恩姬接到正太联系,在亨万坟前碰到贞玉……

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