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Life sentence sought for senior woman suspected of poisoning soft drink

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Prosecutors sought life imprisonment on Friday for an 82-year-old woman who is believed to be involved in a poisoning case that killed two senior women and injured four others.

Prosecutors demanded a life sentence for the defendant, identified only by her surname Park, at a trial at the Daegu District Court, citing the brutality of the crime and a lack of effort to make amends for her actions.

“Despite enough evidence, (Park) denied the allegations, and we also took into consideration that the town has been shattered due to this incident,” a prosecutor said.

Park is suspected to have poisoned a soft drink with insecticide, which six elderly women then shared at a community center in the southeastern city of Sangju, some 270 kilometers from Seoul, on July 14.

The six lost consciousness and were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Two of them later died.

Prosecutors provided evidence of insecticide found on Park’s clothes and statements from the victims that she had a fight with the other women the previous day while playing hwatu, a Korean card game.

Park’s lawyers, however, said that there is no motive for the killing, adding that it excessively imaginative of the prosecutors to say that Park killed or attempted to kill others because of a fight during a game.

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