Professors banned from teaching for insulting students

Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

The court turned down two Korean music professors’ request to withhold a university’s decision to prohibit them from teaching, local media reported Friday.

The professors, who were relieved from their posts on Sept. 16 for insulting and extorting students, sought an injunction against the ruling of Sookmyung Women’s University to ban them from teaching classes.

The court found that it was absurd for the suspended professors to take an issue with the university’s decision not to give classes to them.

The Seoul-based university is considering dismissing the two on the grounds of spewing slurs at students and forcing them to buy manuscript paper and books.

Sookmyung Women's University students stage a rally in front of the main campus in Seoul.

Sookmyung Women’s University students stage a rally in front of the main campus in Seoul.

Composition students of the university claimed in a statement that the two often verbally assaulted them by saying “You human trash!” “Choose an instrument that even a dumb can play” and “Jump off of the building. You don’t deserve to live.”

The professors also allegedly insulted them by saying, “Your ultimate goal is making a baby. But if you have one, it will be born without a brain,” and “Is there any reason that you cannot write a song at night? Are you perhaps working at night (in the sex industry).”

It was found out last week that the two professors filed a defamation lawsuit against four people, including one of their students, for reposting a post about their unethical behavior on the Internet.


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