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Romanian couple nabbed for alleged credit card fraud

Yonhap News
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A Romanian couple has been arrested on charges of attaching a device to local ATMs to duplicate the credit cards of nearly 400 people, Seoul police said Thursday.

The suspects — a 26-year-old, only identified by his initial M, and his wife, whose identity has been withheld — allegedly installed the skimming device at eight ATMs in Seoul between May and June, and copied the data of 365 customers, according to Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo Police Station.

The skimming device recorded the identity and account information on the magnetic strip of the cards used at the ATMs.

The Romanian nationals then used eight cloned credit cards to withdraw 15.9 million won (US$13,800) in Taiwan, according to police.

The suspects are part of a four-member criminal ring, the officers said, adding that they are tracking down the other two.

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  • Ibyangin

    Romanians have a solid reputation doing these kind of criminal activities in Western Europe for years (since entering the EU). I guess they have spread their wings and come to countries like Korea.

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