Oceans Ministry announces shark-repelling gizmo

S. Korea develops new shark-repelling device
Written by Peter Kim

S. Korea develops new shark-repelling device

The Korean Oceans and Fisheries Ministry on Wednesday said it has developed a shark-repelling device safe for both humans and the deadly fish.

The device uses solar panels installed on top of floating buoys to create a curtain of magnetic fields irritating only to sharks.

Each solar panel creates a magnetic current of under 5 volts, a level practically undetectable to humans or other fish, a ministry official said.

“Korea suffers a considerable number of casualties from attacks by great white sharks every year,” the ministry said in a news release. “We hope the shark-repelling device will help our people safely enjoy marine activities.”

Developed jointly with Kunsan National University in North Jeolla Province, the invention will likely see commercial application in about two years after field testing.

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