Wealthy Korean patrons force parking attendant to kowtow

Lee Tae-hoon
Written by Lee Tae-hoon

The police have launched an investigation into an allegation that super wealthy customers humiliated parking attendants of a department store in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province by cursing them and forcing him to kneel down, local media reported Monday.

The move to investigate was made as the story of a rich mother and her daughter abusing car park attendants of the Hyundai Department Store went viral.

The two allegedly slapped him in the face as well.

“Ignoring part-time attendants’ instruction to drive down to the fourth basement floor, a mother and her daughter, who appear to be VIP customers or cousins of the (department store owners), slapped them in the face and make them kneel down,” a netizen believed to be a sister of a parking attendant wrote in late December.

The netizen claimed that three parking attendants had to sit in a stress position for two hours on December 27th in the underground parking lot of the Hyundai Department Store in Bucheon, a city just outside Seoul.

A witness was cited as saying one of the patrons claimed to be a cousin of the department store owner and complained about the parking service, saying, “How can you treat me same as other customers since I spend more than 7 million won ($6,300) each time I come here?”

The Hyundai Department Store, however, denied the claims, saying the “wealthy patrons” are neither on their VIP customer list, nor cousins of the department store’s owner.

An official said that the police have secured CCTV footage of three parking attendants kneeling and will decide whether or not to take a legal action against the customers.

The CCTV footage reportedly shows that a parking attendant swung his fist at the back of the customers’ car. The customers claim that the attendants refused to offer an apology over their inappropriate action but later voluntarily knelt down.


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  • Z Kim

    How shameful for the “good” Korea, and not so long after the “nut rage” incident.

  • Mina Yena

    some rich people ve no regard about anyone but themselves

  • ksharp7

    There should be no such thing as VIP status at a store in the first place.

    Another story of this happening in a jewelry store asking for repairs past warranty for free.

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